What sword is this?

by Ethan Hoek

I recently bought this sword at an impulse as it was a low price and I couldn't resist. It was beside several other fictional swords from Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, etc.

I don't recognize this sword at all, but I am 90% certain that it is a cheap replica of a sword from some kind of TV show (probably anime) or video game, I have already tried researching this but there is too much ground to cover. Perhaps someone else would have better luck.

Please help me learn what sword this is, the curiosity is unbearable.

Thank you for your time.


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An easy one..
by: Paul

Its a replica from an Anime called 'Samurai Champloo' - around $40 from Trueswords.com here

There in the description they note "This is a full tang sword however it is not designed for defensive use" and this is 100% true.. I have seen more videos on the internet of this particular model falling apart when used than almost any other.. :-P

Anyway, that's what it is based on and how much it is worth. Looks decent enough, but is definitely a 'wallhanger'.

Hope this was helpful.

- Paul

samurai Champloo as Paul I believe stated.
by: Anonymous

Awesome show. The sword will be appreciated more if you are familiar with it and "mugen" the swords owner in the series. It's an awesome anime. Watch it all the timen9ver and over. Sorry for the less sword specific answer.

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