What would be recommended for a good blunt blade katana?

by John

QUESTION: I've been Tae-Kwon-Do for 4.5 years now, and have always been fascinated with the weapons aspect of it, mainly the staff and the sword.

However, I've gotten quite tired of the wooden sword, and got a little cheapo display katana when I passed my black belt test. It's the Traditional Samurai Katana- Black from awma.com (specific site: http://www.awma.com/index.cfm/action/productdetail/product_id/10564.htm). However, it is just that: a display sword. So, in looking around, I decided to start looking for one a little more... real.

I'm looking at the Practical XL Katana from Hanwei, however, I'm thinking that a good blunt blade would also be something to look into, so that brings me to my actual question:

Is there a good blunt/dull blade (not knowing the correct term) sword that you can recommend that can stand up to a lot of swinging and drawing practice (again, lack of knowing the correct terms), but still looks good and is still within the general $100-$300 US category?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: Hi John,

Most definitely! The best ones in the sub US$300 price range that I have come across are the Delux Iaito range by Cheness Cutlery (iaito is the term you were looking for I believe. Technically it just means a sword for iai - drawing practice. But generally, most people use unsharpened ones, so when people say 'iaito' that's what they mean!).

Anyway, you can read a review of one of these swords here

They are very popular with dojo.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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The Chenness Iaito, all the way!!!
by: Caleb

I cannot for the life of me think of a better product for this price range! If someone can correct me, I'd greatly thank him/her! But if not (most likely), it only proves Paul's point! Please go with the Chenness!

Cheness Iaito type 9 steel katana
by: Steve Armstrong

Hi I bought 2 Cheness iaito blunt swords for iaido training. Not only are they nice looking and great for iaido practise but also they are affordable too. I bought a top of the range Cheness iaito with is fantastic of course with great balance, but also because it is folded high carbon steel just like authentic samurai swords. I also bought a stainless steal Cheness iaito with also looks and feels great, has a lower cost than other swords but because this sword is a Cheness unsharpened Iaito type 9 steel katana (stainless steel) I don't have to worry about cleaning it as the type 9 iaito is stainless steal. The blade has a very nice mirror polish with a very nice harmon. 2 pins in the handle for safety. Both swords have black cloth handles and black saya which is always nice for iaido presentation and this particular sword is great for beginners due to the low cost. The cheness range is great for iaido practitioners

Hope this helps you, Steve Armstrong, Canberra, Australia.

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