What's the thickness of Cold Steel Shamshir?

by Anthony Trinh

QUESTION: In the review of the Cold Steel Shamshir, you stated that it was 1/4 inch thick at the spine, whereas the appropriate thickness on the Cold Steel website is 3/16. I was fairly confused when reading the review and bumping into that statement, so I would like to know if you possibly made a mistake in measuring the thickness. Do you think you can get back to me on the exact thickness of the spine at the base? Also, I was wondering if the blade geometry is flat grind with a convex edge. Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Anthony,

Unfortunately I no longer have this sword on hand to be able to measure it again. But the measurement was taken with a decent set of calipers, and I believe it was correct...

As to the edge, it is more of a high flat grind with a secondary bevel. While normally I would say this is far from ideal, for this particular piece, it actually seems to work very well...

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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