by Stryker

QUESTION: Hey, I recently removed the damaged mekugi from a sword I bought from handmadesword.com (good place from my experience), and soon found myself in a problematic situation: where the heck can I get mekugi (bamboo pins) in good numbers online that are good quality???

I've been going nuts trying to find some, and the ones I found at swordsofmight.com I'm unsure of because I am unfamiliar with them. Anyone able to help me find some or know if swordsofmight.com's mekugi are good quality? I'm dying from sword practice withdrawl here...


ANSWER: Hi Stryker,

I have no idea about the ones at Swords of Might. Mike Crampton at Shadow of Leaves used to stock some very good quality ones at a low price, but I haven't seen them offered for sale there for several months. He can probably still get them though, so it might be worth while at least shooting him an email.

Shadow of Leaves.com

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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