Where is the best place to buy custom Viking swords?

I'm looking to buy a mid 10th century style viking sword that is as historically accurate as possible. The problem is that since I'm short and female most of the swords of this type available online are too long for me, usually between 75 and 80 cm. A blade length of 60-65 cm would be considerably more suitable for me, and seems to be within historically accurate bounds. Is there somewhere I could purchase a sword of this length or a company that does custom orders? My current budget is £300 ($380-$400) but would consider spending more if need be. Thanks for your help!

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Jul 21, 2016
Few custom makers now taking commissions..
by: Paul

It is a bit of a tricky situation - in the last few years many of the best custom sword makers have either stopped accepting new commissions, have dramatically raised their prices or are dealing with backlogs many years long before they can even consider taking a new comission - and there are few, if any, serious and dependable custom sword makers that have arisen to take their place..

For example, Baltimore Knife and Sword, Odin Blades, Fable Blades, Gus Trim, Michael "Tinker" Pearce, etc are all involved in other projects these days and do not really take custom orders anymore. Additionally though, prices are typically in the thousands and wait time can be 6 months to several years, so that does kind of blow the budget you had in mind out of the water..

Some more affordable swords, such as those by Valiant Armory and Windlass Steelcrafts, offer some limited customization of the color of the leatherwork (Valiant) or style of fittings (Windlass) but do not offer any options when it comes to the blades - which is the area that you wanted the most customization..

Because of the cost and availability issues, the best thing you could do would be to buy a production sword that is as close as possible to what you have in mind.. While most replicas are indeed over 30" in length, there is one that comes very close to the length you have in mind - and that is the Czech Republic made Garth Viking Sword which has a 26" blade (roughly 66 cm) and is fairly historically accurate, available and well within your budget..

Check it out and see what you think - with few other options, it may be as close as you can get..

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