Where to sell used LOTR swords?

by Michael
(Plumas Lake, CA)

I Have a fair collection of United Cutlery Lord of the Rings swords. (As well as some other movie replica swords: Kingdom of Heaven, Rambo, etc.) I'm downsizing and am looking to sell about 10-15 swords/knives. They are all in great shape, they've just been hanging on the wall for the past several years. Any idea where the best place is to sell them?

thank you.

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Some options for used swords
by: Paul

Unless they are antiques, swords - like cars I suppose - do not really hold their value well and lose at least 30% the second you buy one..

As such, it is unrealistic to price any used production swords too high - even if they are in original, out of the box condition..

eBay is a good choice for most people as it allows you to reach much larger audiences - the only catch is of course, you generally need to be an established eBayer with good feedback before anyone will trust you with their hard earned money.

Trust is also an issue with the second main way people sell swords on the second hand market, and that is by Sword Forums or Social Media groups on Facebook, etc.

You can find a list of the main Sword Forums here - all of these forums have a free classifieds section, but again, people are usually reluctant to buy from a stranger - so you need to be as upfront as possible if you are not already (or willing to become) and established member.

Otherwise, the only other real choice is garage sales or pawnbrokers. In these cases you will be lucky to get much more than 20% of the original buying price if the sword is in perfect condition, but it is the 'quick fix' approach.

Hope this helps and best of luck in thinning out your collection.

I may be interested
by: Anonymous

Let me know.

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