Which Cheness Sword?

by Sjaak
(The Netherlands)

Hi, as a beginner in Kata practising I want to buy my first sword. I really like Cheness and wonder which sword will be the best to start kata practising with, the Cheness Kaze, Tenchi or Shura. Can anyone please advise? Thank you very much.

ANSWER:Hi Sjaak,

Personally - I would select the Tenchi with bo-hi for form work. The bo-hi gives good feedback by the sound it makes as it cuts through the air and is also an excellent cutter. The Shura is very similar, but about to be discontinued.

The Kaze is a great all round sword, but if it is mostly for practicing Kata, go the Tenchi with bo-hi.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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On Cheness
by: Paul Freeman

I will have to go along with Paul on this. The bo-hi provides feedback to the dynamics of your cut and so if you have no interest in cutting I would certainly go with a sword with this included. You can really improve the strength of your cutting technique by listening to your katana tell you when you handle it right. I personally would go with the Kaze, as I prefer the look of it as well as the heat treatment done. It is a very tough sword and if you ever desire to do tameshigiri you would be well suited to take it up with this fine Katana. You may wish to speak with your Sensei and ask his opinion as well. Some require a certain type to participate with it in the Dojo.

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