which one to get , and please!!!!!!!!! more detail on these katanas

by prabs
(bristol uk )

QUESTION: I currently own a bamboo mashiro katana like the one reviewed on this site.

The site I got my sword from is now selling some well priced katanas. However I am stuck on at least 3 of them..

Could you please tell me which ones are worth the price and are functionally good. My price range of spending is from £65 to £100 uk pounds.

If you find another katana worth the price


I've listed them with detail if you would like pictures heres the link:

Handforged Last Samurai Sword
41" Overall with a 27" high quality forged 1060 carbon steel blade. Genuine same handle wrap and black cotton ito. Engraved blade, Traditional tsuba, superb balance, Black lacquered scabbard with leather sageo. Double pinned,full tang, complete with storage sleeve.

2nd one handmade morpehous sword

A superb long handled katana styled on that used by the legendary Samurai musashi miyamoto. Measuring 40" Overall with a hand forged 1065 28.5" carbon steel blade. Iron Tsuba and fittings (very traditional material). The extra handle length allows for vastly improved tamashigeri use over a typical size katana, and the sword is well built for the task. Suede ito allows a good level of grip and is aesthetically pleasing, this helps the sword stand out in a typical sword collection.

3rd one
Toyotomi Hideyoshi Katana

28 inch Handmade High carbon steel razor sharp blade 12 inch Tsuka with Quality Ito Faux rayskin and cord wrapped handle Can be disassembled for care and maintenance Double pegged, full tang construction Very thick strong blade with Bo Hi (Bloodgroove) Blue Lacquered saya Comes with Sword bag and Masahiro Storage Container

Heres the link to the pictures and the site


ANSWER: Hi Prabs,

I am pretty wary of recommending any of these budget swords, though on that particular page - the best bet would actually be the Ryumon, though this is 20 pounds over your intended price limit...

The problem with the low end Katana at this price point is that many of them are quite simply unreliable - and the only brand at the same price point that I have any real confidence in is Musashi swords - the other low end Katana are such a hit and miss proposition.

I would also recommend a serious look at one of the Cheness 1045 Carbon Steel blades. Total price with shipping to the UK is around 89 quid, and these swords leave all the others dead and buried.

But, to answer your original question - if I was only limited to the three you have listed, I would select the Morpheus.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

Comments for which one to get , and please!!!!!!!!! more detail on these katanas

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Site for Cheness Katana
by: Anonymous

Hi Paul, could you recommend website for the Cheness 1045 mentioned above. Thanks for all your time and effort with SBG it as a big help ! Thanks Neil

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