Who can value sword collection

by Paul
(Brisbane australia)

Hi, I just purchased 8 swords from a Ringo Star Auction and wonders who can help tell me more about their origin and value

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Here are some ideas..
by: Paul

Interesting, so these swords were once owned by Ringo Starr? If so, they probably are antiques - hard to tell but they look like they could be from the pics..

That is not to say they are super valuable as they are relatively modern (you can easily pick up antique swords like these for around $300 a piece or so) - but you never know..

You can post the pics to the forums on antique-swords.eu to get an opinion and they also have a true valuation service for £10 per sword if the forum yields no result or they suggest one or more may require a proper evaluation.

Hope this helps.

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