Who makes G-Series Swords (of Global Gear)?

by Caleb

QUESTION: Well, at least the "Shadow Katana" (http://www.globalgear.com.au/prod3385.htm) is known to be made in China.

"This Blade has been custom designed by us to have all the requirements of a quality live cutting blade from a group of master blade smiths in China"

Any clues as to where the other G-Series swords are actually made? (Of particular interest to SBG, the Chikara?) My initial guess would be ~either Paul Chen or Fred Chen~...but then, I have to remember that they don't own the production sword world quite yet... (e.g. Chenness Cutlery)

I swear I'm going to break something if i find out the Chikara is made from the same guys who makes the Dynasty Forge Bushi forge-folded series...darn it, what does it take for Dynasty Forge to drop those idiotic, uniform toran-ba hamons!!! (sorry for ranting)


ANSWER: Hi Caleb,

I'm not sure of which forge actually makes these swords, and naturally enough Global are keeping their cards close to their chest on it.

It definitely has a Fred Chen flavor to it and I suspect that if it isn't his forge it is one of the numerous Fred Chen offshoots...

I'll see what I can find out. But in the meantime, maybe if anyone else here knows they can chime in.


- Paul

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