Who makes Ryujin Swords?

by Steve Bookout
(Corn Patch, Iowa)

Paul, who makes the Ryujin swords, SBG's newest "Custom" katanas? Looking on the internet, all I find is an English firm with that name and I don't believe they are the ones producing them. Would you please shed a little light on the maker, please? Cheers, Bookie

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About Ryujin Swords
by: Paul

Hi Bookie,

Excellent question - Ryujin swords are the brainchild of Mr. Sam Sung, the driving force, main sword designed and co-founder of Musashi Swords.

It is owned by his new company, TopQuest International based out of L.A. and produced by one of the forges he developed good relationships with during his time with Musashi.

I have personally had dealings with Sam for nearly 10 years previous to forming an alliance of swords to offer his line in our own format on SBG. While as of the time writing this reply (December 2015) the project is still in its infancy, a solid foundation has been laid and we look forward to working with him to produce more exciting options and designs in the near future!

- Paul

Its history not manufactured
by: Brett cost

Nobody really "makes" ryujin swords. You're buying history, not manufactured repetition blades. Someone made the blade and it has survived for some time. If you want something to swing around i suggest ronin katana for great beaters or even sams old employer musashi for really cheap semi cutting blades. They cut but not really durable edges except for the higher end masurao and platinum collection. Those are better as you'll find for price than other blades at higher prices.

Strike that last comment
by: Brett

Wait I was looking at a different site. Ryujin deals in old swords too but yeah they do do a line of customs but in my experience (ahem) customs can be good or really bad. Like outsourced materials parts and work. And many do it for 200 or cheaper. But those are shots in the dark as to quality.

A few different Ryujins online..
by: Paul

Actually, there are a few "Ryujin" sword websites online - mostly because it is a cool name.. But they are sword retailers that sell many brands, quite different from the Ryujin swords we sell and review on SBG that have been produced by Mr. Sam Sung.

Ryujin Swords
by: Kevin

We seem to have been the first company of that name, hence us having the domain name ryujinswords.com. We certainly preceded the maker of custom katana by a few years, because I remember being baffled by sudden requests to make swords. :-) I've been disabusing people ever since.

We don't make swords. We restore nihonto and shingunto (and sometimes custom katana), and are well known for for our work, since it is done to a good Japanese standard. I have made a couple of ko-gatana with hamon, but that's about it, and they're not commercial offerings yet. I have no plans to make katana myself, though we can commission one from a smith for you, and mount it.

As for it being a cool name - not in our case. There is a long and complicated story behind it - too long to tell here - but there is a reason why I chose it a decade back, and a private meaning to the name. Though I guess others spotted the name and thought 'cool!' :-) Imitation is, I'm told, the sincerest form of flattery. :-)

Unfortunately they couldn't have the website though, because we got there first. :-)

Kevin Jones

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