Wicked Swords

by Chris Peoples
(Greeley Co)

Hi Paul.

Question, I'm sure you have heard of Wicked Swords. Liking the looks of the red katana. Though seen a few reviews but still cautious. What do you know and are they worthy?

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A newcomer, but same old same old..
by: Paul

Actually, I have not heard of this company - but they look like another seller jumping on the 'direct from China' bandwagon..

Even though the address is in the USA, the swords are sent by EMS - which is what China uses to ship their swords. So they are basically a reseller of either Handmadeswords.com or Ryanswords.com - neither of which have a very good reputation.. :-(

Pricing is VERY high comparatively, yet the fittings are zinc alloy, which is unsuitable for a cutting sword but fine for a wall hanger. Other issues that jump out to be is non-alternating ito on the handles (so they may well unravel quickly)

Then there is some mistruths, such as statements like "The blade is made of High Carbon Steel which has been folded 13 times to create 8192 layers for superior strength and flexibility" which is utter balderdash..

And the fact that they are not upfront about where the swords are shipped from rings some alarm bells.

There are much better and more honest options out there, personally I would avoid.

Does not know there made in Canada!
by: Eric B

The company has great reviews on there website this is the only negative comment I have seen anywhere. Your comments about the layers is just stupid!!! You fold the steel to make to make a quality katana . Why is it so hard for you to believe the steel is folded 13 time ! Do you have any proof that anything they state is balderdash?
Maybe you should try a thing called RESEARCH !I am waiting for my wicked sword to arrive so I will come back and make a real review when it arrives next week.
Truly Eric B
Ps I bet they make a great sword

by: Paul

Umm, okay..

I don't find it hard to believe a sword can be folded 13 times - my issue was with their statement that folding results in 'superior strength and flexibility' - which is utter nonsense..

If you doubt this, please double check about folded steel and Katana, why it was done originally, and why it is NOT needed now as modern crucible steel is VERY pure (pretty much perfect) while Japanese steel was close to 'pig iron' and NEEDED to be folded to TRY and get impurities out..

You do NOT need to fold modern steel to get impurities out as they are NOT there in the first place anymore, and so by folding, you actually INCREASE the odds of the sword having a fatal flaw unless it is done by someone VERY experienced.

All in all, I stand by my comments - there are better deals out there..

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