will my sword say anything like made in china.

by jacob foster
(cochrane, alberta, canada.)

I have been looking at swords for a while now on the site of kult of athena. but before i buy them, how will i know if the have anything like MADE IN CHINA or MADE IN INDIA on the blade.

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Most won't but..
by: Paul

Most do not have it actually engraved or stamped onto the blade - but instead have a sticker or a tag attached. There are a few brands that do - best thing to do is to check on a case by case basis if unsure. KoA have good pics too, so if you cannot see it showing a made in China/India engraving or stamp on it - then that is what you should get.

Made in China
by: Adam Pendragwn

Quick comment. Now days, a lot of swords are made in China, and elsewhere, but are very good swords. In the past, a lot of poor quality stuff was coming out of the Far East, but that’s not true today. My advice: Don’t worry about where it’s made, but who it’s made by. I would, however, be careful about swords coming from former Soviet Block countries. Before the wall came down, they were not allowed to make even real knives let alone swords, so they made them out of wood instead. Sword makers in a lot of these countries create nice work, but don’t yet have the experience working with and properly tempering steel, etc. And, a LOT of steel, including stainless, is still coming from CHERNOBYL, and is still radioactive! I know for a fact because a relative worked for a steel company in Germany and had a problem with this.

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