Wind Dragon Pic

by Elijah Ronin Cory
(Madera, CA, USA)

Wind Dragon

Wind Dragon "China" stamp

Left another comment with photo but wanted to add this close-up photo of the blade base and brass fitting that has "China" stamped. As I said before, mine looks exactly like the Wind Dragon described in Paul's review, except it DOESN'T have "Musashi" etched on the blade, but DOES have "China" stamped on the brass fitting. Wonder if this means anything to anyone out there? Thanks.

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Wind Dragon
by: Ruben

Thanks I was wondering the same myself. I purchased this sword myself and mine looks exactly like your photo not like the one Paul reviewed with Musashi etched on the blade. Maybe somebody out there knows why this happened.

RE: Wind Dragon "China" stamp
by: Brian Baker

The Wind Dragon I bought also came with the "China" stamp on the brass fitting instead of the "Musashi" stamp on the blade. In spite of this, when I draw the sword, I know I'm holding a deadly weapon, and I treat it as though it were a loaded gun. This is the very first sword I have ever bought. I am VERY pleased with this purchase.

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