Wind Dragon

by Elijah Ronin Cory
(Madera, CA, USA)

Wind Dragon

Wind Dragon

Received the Wind Dragon from and it came package as described and looks exactly like the one reviewed above with one exception. On this Wind Dragon (and another one my brother ordered at the same time) the word "Musashi" was NOT on the blade. Not sure what the means and maybe someone out there can enlighten this issue. I'm a relative novice with these but I can say the handle is wrapped very tightly and feels very secure when held. Overall, it is a beautiful sword and I'm just concerned a bit about the lack of "Musashi". Although as you can see from the photos, it DOES have "CHINA" stamped into the brass at the base of the blade.

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Musashi Wind Dragon
by: Anonymous

I don't think you should worry too much, the name's on the box and the piece of paper, right? Maybe they just decided not to bother with it anymore.
By the way, I want your sword! ^^

i don't know.
by: b&g miron

well, we're old & we don't like change .......i would contact musashi & make sure that's there new design or policy........trueswords may not even be aware of this change as see what a pain in the butt old people can be? ee-yut......cough, burp, f***.

Not to worry
by: Anonymous

The thing is, these swords were made at different times in different forges. The main forge makes the highest quality katanas with the nicest blade geometry and they stamp their logo onto the blade. The one I ordered had china written on the brass, I buffed that out, sharpened my blade myself and re polished it, and now its quite the amazing sword.

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