Windlass Classic Medieval sword rust

by Baz
(Birmingham, UK)

I've got a Windlass Classic Medieval sword that just rusts like heck. I don't store in it's scabbard, keep a film of light oil on the blade etc. But despite this it's getting rust spots on the blade and pommel.

How best to remove them and stop the rust getting worse? Is there some magic product I could use?

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Two magic products..
by: Paul

Not sure why it is rusting, if you are close to the sea the salt in the air could cause it - but either way, here are two recommended products to restore it and keep it rust free.

1) Buy some "flitz paste" or "metal glo" and use this polish to clean off any existing rust spots. Then wipe it off the blade, spray with some WD40 and wipe again.

2) The second product is "Renaissance Wax" - use this ONCE to coat the blade and you can forget about it.

Google these products and buy at the best price you can find.

Hope this helps!

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