Worksharp Ken Onion Edition

I've been training and collecting Japanese swords and karambits for a few years. Now that I'm getting more comfortable cutting I'm needing to up my game on maintenance and sword care. Your tips are excellent for a beginner by the way.
So I've tried some quick accusharp methods and hand sharpening techniques but I think I'm ready to upgrade to a power sander.

In the process of researching I came across the upgraded Worksharp Ken Onion edition. Its mostly for knives although I did find one youtube video where someone used the first model to sharpen his katana.

So I searched your website to see if any comments had been posted but my question is does anybody in the sword loving community have any reviews, pros and cons, on this powertool especially for katana blades. I've looked at the one in your sharpening video which looks practical but I have to strategic about my purchases (one@a time) if not my wife will ask too many questions.

The tool can be found at or even at amazon with a price
Range of $130ish us.


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I haven't, but..
by: Paul

I have not personally used this device, but looking at it - it should theoretically work and I am familiar with the youtube video you mention. There are almost as many sharpening techniques as there are people who sharpen - everyone finds their own favorite method, and there really is no right and wrong - only what works for you...

Anyway, I will step back and open up the floor to see if anyone else has some direct experience with it. In the meantime, if you do decide to go ahead and give it a try, be sure to update us..!

All the best,
- Paul

It's good
by: Jason, from sbg forum

Actually, you can see skallagrim using it here


And I will take what he says to be true, as he is highly trained in the ways of swords

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