worth it or not?

by Marshall White

I wanted to buy this beautiful katana by ryan sword, specifically the red folded steel katana, i am extremely skeptical of the price ($147) but it seems like a quality sword, I have also wanted a cold steel chisa katana but its costly for poor men like me ($580) I'm wondering if i should for the cold steel which i know works and wait a while, or if i should go for the cheap one and chance it..

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by: Paul

I am not really the biggest fan of Ryan swords - a quick google search for "Ryan Swords" will fill you in on why..

The Cold Steel Chisa katana is good, but $580 is waay to much to pay, you can pick them up for almost half that price if you know where to shop..

Personally I think you would be best served with something in the middle, Maybe a Hanwei or a Ronin Katana Dojo Pro. Always best to stick to reputable brands when in doubt..

Hope this helps.

Look to known sellers
by: Anonymous

You may have heard this before and if so its good advice but if you are looking for good swords at the lowest prices with best selection its pretty much kult of athena, swords of might, sbg store. Theyre usually the most up to date and have the inventory. You can usually find a design you like from a good maker plus the quality control is usually good. But they will send what the manufacturer sends and that includes crooked mounts, loose fittings, scratches, not as pretty laquer jobs on scabbards, or any other issues with mass produced weapons. Nothing is consistently perfect.

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