wow, fastest customer service i have EVER seen! AWSOME!

by daniel herman
(small town, North Dakota)

so i ordered the "Last Samuri" 3 sword set by MUSASHI because i wanted a functional beater set so i could "learn" on something other than my gorgeous cheness Nagasa... anyway i ordered the 3 sword set cuz, hey 3 full tang carbon steel swords for $109? pretty hard to go wrong considering the high ratings that musashi swords have recieved on the SBG forums. so, very quickly the swords arived, but they were from the wrong sword series... very nice, but not exactly what i ordered. so i droped a line to TRUESWORDS and detailed my experiance and hit the send buton on the e-mail. i kid you not, 20 MINUTES LATER MY PHONE RANG, on the other end was the owner of At this point i was impressed. then he offered to correct the problem by 1. sending me the right set right away at no cost to me, 2. crediting me back $50 right away (thats 50% off on what was allready the best price around), or 3. sending me anther sword for free. for free. no shipping, no payment, just the last samuri katana sword (which is aparently a higher quality level than the swords in sets...) i chose the free katana, so i got the sword like 3-4 days later. perfect. awsome. FUNCTIONAL. not to mention i have the original 3 set i ordered to beat on and take apart and learn to re-tie the Ito, and practice sharpening, etc... anyway, long story short, LONG LIVE TRUESWORDS.COM! great experiance.

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