Wulflund swords

by Matt doherty
(Bellingham, ma)

I was wondering about the wulflund line of swords specifically the viking models. This would be my first "real" sword. I am not a reanactor or larper. It would mainly be a wall piece but i would like something fairly authentic looking and something that could stand up to some backyard fun.

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Thoughts on Wulfland
by: Paul

I have never actually handled or tested any of these swords personally, so any feedback I can give is only based on what I can see and the information provided compared to other similar products currently on the market.

The swords are made from decent steel, well tempered and seem to tick all the boxes - they are not particularly historically accurate but more what I call "historically plausible" though the length of the hilts of the Viking swords in particular are slightly longer than they should be..

Bear in mind that they are not all that suitable for backyard cutting as they are blunt training swords - best used for steel on steel. You could confidently swing them around and they are built to withstand steel on steel contact, so you certainly could have some backyard fun, but not any cutting..

Price wise, considering they are hand made in the EU, they are not too bad. The main issue is the cost of shipping and associated import duties, and if there is a problem, returning them may be an issue..

Fortunately, there is a US distributor and that is our friends at Kult of Athena who stock them here at prices that cost less than importing directly, and of course, allow easy returns and direct customer support if needed.

So in summary, they seem like a good choice for the price and offer some options not commonly available, so definitely worth a closer look.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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