your review of the Tsukikage katana......

(midwest USA)

Not so much a question but thanks for the review of the Tsukikage (rabbits under moon) katana....

Two years ago I emailed you about(for lack of a better term "doomsday katana") and you gave me some suggestions....when shopping I really (with helping an aged mother) was not willing to spend five + hundred dollars for a katana, however in april of 2007 I found cheness cutlery on the web and fell instantly in love with the rabbit themed katana and purchased one in may of 2007.

I was happy with the product and after seeing your demo on it, I feel comfortable knowning that I now have a "non-firearm" weapon I can carry along with my police issued gear should a major event happen....

PAUL: Glad to have been of help Jeff. Take care and talk to you later.

All the best,

- Paul

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