Del Tin 10th Century Viking Sword

The 10th Century Viking Sword made by Del Tin of Italy is a good example of a historical replica of a transitional Oakeshott Type X sword. In this short but straight to the point hands on review we take a closer look at both type X swords and this particular replica to see if it is worth your hard earned money..

Del Tin 10th Century Viking Sword Review

Review by SBG forum retired moderator, William Swiger

I bought this sword here at Kult of Athena a couple years ago.


  • Overall Length: 38 7/8"
  • Blade: 32 7/8'
  • Weight: 2 lb 14 oz
  • POB: 6 1/4''
  • Thickness: 4.4 mm - 2.5 mm
  • Width: 2 1/8"
  • Grip Length: 3 3/4

Type X: Oakeshott describes the Type X as: "A broad, flat blade of medium length (average 31") with a fuller running the entire length and fading out an inch or so from the point, which is sometimes acute but more often rounded. This fuller is generally very wide and shallow, but in some cases may be narrower (about 1/3 of the blade's width) and more clearly defined; a short grip, of the same average length (3 3/4") as the Viking swords. The tang is usually very flat and broad, tapering sharply towards the pommel. The cross is narrower and longer than the more usual Viking kind--though the Vikings used it, calling it "Gaddjhalt" (spike-hilt) because of its spike-like shape. Generally of square section, about 7" to 8" long, tapering towards the tips. In rare cases curved. The pommel is commonly of one of the Brazil-nut forms, but may be of disk form."

Type X features a blade that is broad and massive at the base and features a moderate taper towards the point. Sometimes the point may be of a rounded or slightly more acute profile.

This type of point would have been fairly effective when used against the lightly armored warriors of the Viking and early Middle Ages. Regardless of the point's profile, the Type X is definitely a sword oriented towards the cut. The blade typically features a lenticular cross-section that is very flat and relatively thin.

Its breadth is countered by the use of a fuller that is typically broad and runs nearly the entire length of the blade. The end result is a blade that is massive in proportion yet lively in its handling characteristics. The Type X would have been capable of large shearing cuts that would have provided a decisive conclusion to any encounter. Against the mail clad warriors of its day, the Type X would have given good service.

Impressions of this Replica

This is one of my favorite Del Tin Viking swords. It handles really well. It is not a light sword but does not feel heavy in hand. The grip is a good length and the pommel and guard are very comfortable on the hand.

Del Tin did a good job with this sword. It is a powerful sword but not overbearing. The fit and finish are excellent. The hilt is nice and tight and has remained so for as long as I've owned the sword.

Traditional Peened Pommel for maximum durability

I like the rich brown color of the grip combined with the gun metal gray furniture. It looks great. I would definitely recommend this sword for the price.


In North America, the only place to buy the 10th Century Viking Sword is HERE at Kult of Athena, where it sells for a very reasonable $423.95

I hope this short but sweet review of the Del Tin 10th Century Viking Sword has been helpful. To return to Dark Age and Viking Swords from Del Tin 10th Century Viking Sword, click here

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