Hanwie ppk elite not very sharp...!

by Aaron Waltz
(Waldoboro ME. Lincon cnty.)

I bought a ppk elite for $355 off amazon, i was not aware of SBG which is where all my purchases will be from now on. The hanwie was a nicely made katana my only gripe is as usually described as razor sharp/retardedly sharp it wasn't, it only had a mediocre edge, clean just kinda dull. And i have no experience sharpening convex blades so i don't dare try at the moment, its not a Real high dollar piece but at $350 its on the high side of entry level and I don't wanna take chance on buggering it all up...

I'm not furious but I definitely will never buy a sword off amazon, I do love amazon but swords should be bought from a dedicated sword dealer like SBG its where i just bought my Ronin RK which I was really impressed at the quality at the low price, the price and less than some non function-able SLO's or barely functional cheapies) SBG will be where all my purchases will be from in the future...I love the gigantic amount of content and info on the site its very comprehensive, never again from an Amazon vendor that sells stereos, microwaves and pots an pans too...! just a newbie mistake!

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Jan 30, 2016
Always buyer beware
by: Anonymous

When buying swords from Amazon it's always buyer beware. Forges from China are now selling on Amazon so you can get the same quality swords that are sold on ebay and all the custom pieces too but as always be careful. The generic sellers get generic randomly tempered blades from all the manufacturers that have excess blades give those blades to these "custom" makers that basically just throw it together with any generic stamped out grips guards and any other fitting. The mark of a good forge will have its own designs and use own materials. Hanwei ronin thaitsuki skyjiro citadel bugei are all their own forges. Though hanwei makes citadel and bugei. Ronin does best sub 300 swords at275 but there wood cores aren't as fresh as they should be. They make a lot so their swords sit around for a while. Hamwei keeps a better eye on their stock. Thaitsuki and skyjiro are there own but somewhat high end though with it.

Jan 30, 2016
Amazon is a bit hit and miss for swords..
by: Paul

Yeah, amazon may be fast with shipping but they are not dedicated sellers.. A shame you had to find out the hard way, would recommend returning it if possible..

Keep us informed if you return it and how the process went.

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