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QUESTION: I was wondering if you guys knew much about the Cold Steel Warrior series Katana. I'm brand new to this, and was looking for a resilient Katana that withstands rigors of cutting. Is the Cold Steel one i mention good, compared to others on this site, such as the kaze? Also, where I live, there aren't any Dojo's. Do you have suggestions on how else I might learn?

ANSWER: Cold Steel make very strong blades with excellent cutting abilities, and the Warrior Series are no exception (though their fittings can sometimes be problematic).

You can read a review of the Warrior series Katana right here on SBG and get some more info on some of the pros and cons of this line at the sister site Sword Manufacturers Guide - Cold Steel Sword that will be beneficial.

As far as training goes, there is some helpful info here that you should look at that will at least get you moving in the right direction.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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They are the worst.
by: Anonymous

They are the worst because they aren't made in the traditional fation with high and low carbon based steel and they don't have the "blimishes" that the traditional katana's should have and the combinations of all three of those problems and being that it is cuved it is frail.

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