Beware of Medieval Ware

by Mike
(Los Angeles, CA)

I decided to take the plunge and buy some swords, so I ordered 2 swords and a sword belt from I placed the order on Dec. 14, 2011. By the 19th I received a message saying that my order had shipped and I was given the tracking number. My package came in the mail on the 23rd, just in time for Christmas. Eager to open my swords, I tore open the box only to find, not 2 swords and a sword belt, but one single sword. I called Medieval Ware's support number, but it only went to a machine to leave a message. I left a message. I then e-mailed their support team. No reply. Two days later on the 25th I sent another e-mail since I hadn't heard back from anyone. I also kept calling their number but I never got to speak to a person, only an answering machine. Then finally on the 27th I received a call back saying that they were sorry and that they would make sure to ship the rest of my order that Friday, December 30th. They also told me they would give me the shipping and sword belt free of charge. Friday rolled around and I hadn't receive a new tracking number, an update, or anything. Then the following Monday rolled around, still no word from the company. So on January 1st I sent another e-mail and called again, still no answer or reply. The next day they e-mailed me back saying they would ship it the next day and that the reason they hadn't shipped it yet was because of New Years. Well I originally placed my order back on December 14th, so I don't know why they were using the New Years holiday as an excuse. The next day rolled around, no shipment information or update. Finally on the 4th they actually shipped my sword and sword belt. On the 11th I opened my package and to my surprise it was only a sword. My sword belt was still missing. I opened the sword box and to my further surprise, they had sent the wrong sword. So I called them, again it only went to a machine. I e-mailed them again and waited for a response. They wrote back and said they don't know why I got the wrong sword and they didn't even know what sword they had sent. They also told me the sword belt would come later. I still haven't been given a tracking number for the sword belt. They then told me they would e-mail me a shipping label the next day. I wrote back saying I didn't want to waste my time and money driving down to the shipping location due to their own mistake. I asked them to send a driver to get the package since I know you can schedule pickups through UPS and FedEx. They then wrote back with this:

"I don't think we said anything about you driving to the shipping store we
stated if you read the email that we would send via email a return label and
that label will come with instructions, and with your nice attitude and
inability to read the email we don't need to deal with you again. I think we
bent over backwards for you by crediting you for the shipping and the sword
belt, at this point we want the sword back and we will credit you for it and
you can go buy the correct one for around $400 as they have increased there
prices. The sense of entitlement people have these days is weak"

So apparently me asking to receive the correct products I already paid for is asking too much according to their customer support. Also, they wouldn't have had to "bend over backwards" if they had sent me the correct order in the first place. I still haven't even received the sword belt or a tracking number for it. Also, the sword I bought is actually only $250 on other sites, not $400 as he pointed out. They also never told me in the first place that they would send a driver, they simply said they would give me return label. They also never said anything about the return label coming with additional instructions about scheduling a pickup, so I guess he didn't read the e-mail correctly either. If they had simply told me to begin with that they would send a driver, I wouldn't have had to ask. Since they were sending a driver anyway, I don't know why they got so upset about me asking them to send a driver. So since they screwed up multiple times, they ended up demanding that I give them back their sword that I already paid for and they lost the sale and a customer. They are completely unprofessional and I am appalled with their customer service. I will definitely never use their site again.

It is funny, right after I placed my order I found your site and I didn't see their site listed under the recommended sellers, so I thought "oh no, I hope I don't get screwed over." Haha!

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Mar 23, 2014
Similar problem
by: Charles

I've had a similar problem with them as well. I had placed an order on a sword and the delivery date was said to be 7 to 14 business days. After a month and still no product I called their customer service, no answer, sent an email, still no answer. A couple months later I received my item. Turns out it was shipped from India...

Jul 05, 2013

I placed an order for one of the most expensive suit of Armour(WORTH MORE THAN $5000) from this company in august 2011. Company made one or other excuse for next 6 months(likeit is made on special order, christmas holiday, new year back log etc etc), and finally after 6 months I got pissed off and requested them to refund my money , and they stopped communicating through email, called few times from New zealand- left messages- no one to receive messages- goes to answering machine every single time. Had to call my Lawyer to get a refund, lawyer advised me to approach my bank as the payment was transferred using a mastercard. Bank advised me to file papers for Fraudulent transaction. I filled the paers and got my money back in a weeks time from the company

Jun 16, 2012
Sword belt update
by: Mike

I just wanted to give a little update about the sword belt since I hadn't received it yet when I wrote the review. When I finally got the sword belt in the mail, I discovered that they had sent me the wrong size. I ordered a medium but they sent me a large. Also, the very first time I tried to put on the sword belt, the rivets holding it together completely broke in half, rendering the belt completely useless. I guess it is a good thing they refunded my money for the sword belt considering it was late, the wrong size, and broke the first time I tried to use it.

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