Botach Tactical

by Mark

I placed an order at a site titled Botach Tactical. They had the best price on a Cold Steel Tomahawk I was coveting. This is one of those merchants who does not inform you that an item is backordered. I learned that it was backordered only after I checked my account and the account was labeled "pending review." After a couple of weeks of failed attempts to learn what exactly that meant, I was informed then, and only then, that the item was backordered. I placed the order February 1 of this year and, as of April, my account is still labeled "pending review" despite the fact that other merchants have re-stocked the item. I am not holding out much hope. Beware of Botach Tactical.

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Jan 17, 2018
Not a company to buy from
by: Anonymous

I made a offer yesterday on for a Maxpedition bag. This offer was excepted and my money was gladly taken out of my account. Today I receive an email stating that they dont have one in inventory. Is this the way Botach does business? They state they are about customer service. I can't reach anyone by phone or email. You have lost a customer.

Jan 16, 2017
by: Adele

I ordered an item from them as well. $395 I'll never see again. "Back ordered" is their motto. I never received my order after 3 months of back and forth emails. When I requested a full refund they refused saying it was not within the refund time limit. I reported them to the BBB and found many complaints regarding items never delivered, no response to inquiries, and people never getting refunds. Just stay away from these crooks.

Jan 10, 2015
Crap customer service
by: Anonymous

I ordered about a dozen 100' spools of Paracord when they had them on sale a while ago. I got an email that they ran out of 100' spools of black (3 of mine were black), and they would be on back order for at least 6 weeks. I said "I see on your site that you have the 50' spools, you can substitute those. The 50' spools were not on sale, and were more expensive per foot. They charged me the difference. That is CRAP customer service.

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