burned by Silvermane

by James Brooks
(Morgantown, WV, USA)

I'll keep this brief; I made a small order (it was nearly a very large order but the fellow I spoke with kept changing the information he giving me during our conversation) from Silvermane, delivery was to be prior to Christmas. When it didn't arrive I gave them the benefit of the doubt and did not call them until the 29th when I learned that even though they had taken the money from my card they still hadn't processed the order, to make it even more frustrating they blamed me saying I hadn't provided the proper information, when I pointed out that the information they referred to was included on my e-mail confirmation they next blamed their supplier. Long story short, they promised to have it delivered overnight, that was Monday 29 December 2008, it is now Thursday 01 January 2009 and still no delivery. I have attempted to call them twice now during their stated business hours and no one will take my call. I am feeling terribly frustrated and have taken all the steps I can think of including contacting my state's attorney general and would advise anyone else who meets with such treatment to do the same.

As an aside, I would like you to know how very much I enjoy this site, I look forward to doing some reviews myself.

EDITORS NOTE: It could be the time of year, and they may have been on holidays. However, if so, they should have posted it on the stores main page or something perhaps...

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Nov 22, 2013
Silvermane is not very professional
by: Anonymous

I received a defective item from them and I sent several emails and made several phone calls to them about it. It has been months, and they have yet to respond.

Nov 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

i have had problems with this seller, first i ordered two items, which they notified me a week later that they were discontinued, of course this being months later they still haven't taken the photoes down( i hate getting my hopes up that a long discountinued item might still be availible, if you do not have it take it off your site!) i live in the US so i thought the other item i ordered would be shipped fast, it took them three weeks to send it to me! i was happy with the item i recieved, however i think they could be more professional, and once again update their sites inventory so what they have displayed is what they have in stock!how hard is it to update your site from time to time, and ship off a box especially when its in your own country.

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