By the sword (Last legend katanas)

by Roger

In january ihave ordered a katana from LastLegend.
The shop is caled -By the sword.

They are located in the US. And I paid 915$, sword and shipping.

Mail in:

April: the forge is running a litle behind sceduale.

May: it will probably arive in mid June.

June: shipment will arive 22 and 10 next month.

June: We did NOT get yours, but all the others ordered made before you and an extra shippment of wakizashi´s

July: did you not get the mail? It will probably arive until: 14 nov.

Last night on a live chat they answered: I have no idea when it will arrive.

SO they gave me a PHONE NUMBER to the forge.

A phone number for 915$???

Nice work BY THE SWORD

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Sep 19, 2017
Last Legend Dragon
by: Tatsudoshi

Good Day

It is a shame that they are no longer in production,they did make a fine sword
I still own an 8K Dragon with custom 29 inch blade and has been cryoed, bought in 2003
Outstanding Katana that I will never sell.

Take Care

Jan 23, 2016
Selling one second hand
by: Paul

With all production swords, the price you can get depends entirely on what someone is willing to pay for them. These may hold their value, but are unlikely to have appreciated much - you could sell it for slightly more than you paid for it because they are no longer in production - the best places to sell are either in the classifieds of the various sword forums or of course, ebay.

Jan 21, 2016
Last Legends Bear Katana
by: Jay

I bought (approx. 10-12 Years ago) the above mentioned Katana. It came with paperwork (I still have). You don't see these around and I'm trying to get an idea on its value. Never used but just sits in my safe. Not sure where would be the best place to sell it either. Any ideas?



Aug 29, 2015
I have 3 Last Legend Swords
by: Graham L England

Hi, I purchased 3 LL from Shadow of Leaves which is no longer trading, the quality of the 3 i own is superb and they are the finest of cutters, build quality and balance. I got mine before the original forge burnt down destroying its stock and leading to its demise. A true legend of a sword. The taketoshi is just awesome. I did review them on SBG

Jun 14, 2013
Last Legend Canute Sword
by: JD

I have a Last Legend Canute Captains sword still in the original packing gel and wrap...
Al said it was the 2nd one they made but I dont see any stamp or any other indication of that on the sword so I'll have to take his word for it -
I bought it when they first started out so it could be true...
I also have a big collection of the other styles they made but I will sell the Canute if anyone here wants it drop me an email...

chuanfashodan at aol dot com

Dec 18, 2011
Excellent Swords But You Wait for Them
by: Rob

I have two Last Legend swords. The discontinued "Bear" line (a 4000 series layered blade with bear-themed furniture) and a Mikusa 4000 series. The bear was considerably longer than the Mikusa and also had a much less pronounce sori (it balanced a bit better too but I had the tsuba lengthened to more than standard). In the early days, you could get the blades cryo tempered and request some added modifications). In either case, the Bear took 8 months to arrive and when it did, the seller found that it had been taken out during shipping and (apparently) used with diligent effort by someone attempting to cut a concrete pylon. The sword was trashed. So . . . I waited another 7 months before the next one arrived. The Mikusa took about 6 months. The swords are worth the wait. Quality blades and fittings with a good feel that lends itself to cutting exercises and other serious martial arts applications. However, you do pay extra (especially if you get the higher series) and you do have to be VERY patient. I've been very pleased with mine.

Apr 28, 2011
Fair price, good service
by: Anonymous

This is for, so maybe things have changed since the opening of the new store, having read previously posted experiences, but I ordered a Hanwei Bamboo Mat katana at an excellent price and received exactly that, no hassles. Shipping was a bit slow - about ten days - considering U.S. location, but it was immaterial to me as I was in no rush, and their website says 14 business days for domestic shipments anyway. Their online customer service/chat was responsive, and keeping in mind Hanwei's recent events at their forge and resulting backlogs, I think I got a good deal and this vendor came through.

Apr 01, 2011
last legend and pro swords
by: Tony

i purchased several swords from Al. the last legend katana i had was great. would slice goza pieces in mid air like they did not exist. i know Al had been talking about retirement. the factory that was to make the custom sword line messed up the entire order. he made it right with me and i got several awesome deals. my pro sword wak is my favorite toy. a great cutting sword. the blind warrior katana (walking stick) kinda sucks. i will never get as close as i did with them to getting the sword set of my freams as his prices were so low for such a good sword. i just wish i could have gotten my custom sword set. the pro sword line was created for the normal person to afford. Al will be missed , whatever the reason.

Oct 09, 2010
No Joy
by: Anonymous

After waiting 2 years for my custom sword to be made, i was given back my deposit and told that the owner had a nervous breakdown.
He no longer wishes to continue making swords as the Chinese factory that actually made them were getting slack on quality and let him down time after time.
That was last i heard.
Hope this helps.
ps: got a blind warrior during the delay as an apology, and although i like it, i was not overly impressed by the quality. Parts falling off, metal parts rusting. Oh well. The blade is nice.

Oct 05, 2010
Disappearing act of a Legend
by: Anonymous keith

I was actually looking to find out exactly what happened to last legend. It seems like such an interesting story. They were the creators of some of the best swords I've ever used. They had such excellent service in the past and I've heard legends about the "true" skill and origins of their amazing swordsmiths. Now, out of the blue, they disappear with very little trace and abandon their trade and loyal customers. This is quite out of the norm for them. I've heard rumors of their forge burning down, and other various claims that may or may not be true. But I can't find any confirmed facts about them. I've been doing research for some time now, but Last Legends history and origins, along with their demise, seems to be completely shrouded in mystery. Can anyone please help shed some light on where these master sword makers vanished to???

Mar 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

Ordered an item, charged $10 s/h. One week goes by without item or email. When asked, their reply is 'We don't notify customers of out of stock items, they are back ordered and will ship 4-6 weeks later'. OK, I'd like to cancel the order. Their reply 'You've been refunded, minus $25 admin fee'. Amber is CS supervisor at this scam camp who said 'Didn't you read the fine print?' SO, NO ITEM, AND $25 LIGHTER BY PLACING AN ORDER AT A STORE WITH EMPTY SHELVES.

Sep 08, 2009
Mikusa Wak
by: Anonymous

....The last legends factory burned down/caught fire? some time ago --- I bought the same sword but from a different website and have the same issue...can anyone find this sword ANYWHERE? :P...

(are they even going to remake the factory? :( :( )

Aug 18, 2009
Test cutting
by: Roger

Mikusa kat, 29"+11" no bohi.
have ben cutting a lot of branches,and other ligth stuff.
this is a very heavy sword, bohi vould be a god option
i have not seen anny sword vith the same geometry for heavy cutting for sale.
if there is made any i vould buy it and have somthing to compare vith.
i have been lokking al over.
the price is very high and the sword is very god.
i am not a pro, so i vould prefear a solid blade that does not bend easy. Roger

Jun 17, 2009
Paul will you test a Last Legend Sword?
by: Anonymous

I am unable to find many official reviews of this company or their swords by a credible third party (ie SBG), or maybe I overlooked it. I like the idea they put forward but have not seen much in terms of reviews. Anyone up for it?

Sep 01, 2008
Last Legend Service
by: jeff

I have purchased 4 swords from Last Legend over the years. The quality of service has always been outstanding. Al and the rest of the folks at Last Legend have been honest and upfront about any questions that I have had. True I have never "special ordered". All of my blades are off the shelf. Oh and by the way they all cut beautifully.

Apr 08, 2008
Last legend
by: Roger

This january i have recived my katana, and i should take som pics and ad some notes about the sword. it tok 3 days with fedex,from florida to my home in norway.

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