BY THE SWORD - Unscrupulouos Thieves!

by Harry Marinakis

By the Sword has very poor communication, very poor customer service, and they will lie to you to keep your money.

On July 30, 2012 I placed an online order with By The Sword totalling a few hundred dollars. But after my purchase I heard nothing from By the Sword. No information about backorder. No information about shipping. Nothing.

So after 7 to 10 days I called By the Sword to inquire about the status of my order. The woman at By the Sword told me quite angrily to "Read the terms and conditions, you'll get your order when we ship it to you. You agreed to those terms when you placed your order."

I explained to her that her company's website says "Great Communication," but that their communication was non-existent. And telling me "you'll get your order when we ship it to you" was also very poor customer service.

When I stated that I wanted to cancel my order for a full refund, she then said that she would get the merchandise to me within in a week. So I agreed to proceed with the order.

A week later my shipment arrived - but it was the wrong item. The item that I had ordered was on the invoice - but what I received was something completely different.

I called By The Sword about the error. I wanted By The Sword to pay for return shipping and either (a) give me a full refund or (b) ship the correct item.

She said that the item that I had ordered was actually not available! (So they shipped me something else entirely???????)

She informed me that I would have to pay return shipping in order to get store credit!

She said that a refund was no longer possible because I had already accepted shipment from them (the wrong item!)

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