chinasamuraisword dragon / spring swords : china jian

Do not buy from and dragon spring swords. I ordered the "china jian" and the pommel was made of plastic painted to look like the metal guard! It was impossible to tell this from the photos on the web. Hopefully no one makes the same Mistake I made and purchase anything from this company.

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Sep 21, 2014
I wouldn't buy there again, but...
by: Anonymous

after building up a lot of pressure (thanks to paypal!), they sent me my sword - with massive delay of course. After reading SBG, I didn't expect anything, but they actually sent me the right sword. Furthermore it was moderately sharp and, as far as I can tell, from proper material.
It's obviously not a complete scam-shell-corporation, but I wouldn't buy there again.

Jun 22, 2014
13 swords
by: Rich

Hi guys
I bought 13 swords off Samurai Sword in 2012, apart from some machine tooling marks from polishing they all came through and were as expected. I demolished my fence with one of them without even scratching the blade....I`m sorry to hear of this rip off but I have had no problems....perhaps for Chinese, Wing Lam might be worth a try

May 23, 2014
by: Germanki

I whis i have finded this before buying from this people...

They send me a sword not hand forged, not high-carbon steel, not sharp, rat-tail tang, plastic fittings... They take almost a month to send me a 30$ piece of crap. Do not buy there!!!


May 19, 2014
Ebay Yall Store "Foul Sword Play"
by: Anonymous

Ordered 6 taichi retractable swords from Yall Store of Ebay for the second time last April. My first purchase was in Oct 2013 for exactly the same price. Only this time, they sent me 5 cheap plastic toy swords plus 1 alloy sword. Pleaded my case, was instructed to return the 5 for exchange. However, they never sent me the Return Shipping Label& I had to pay $26.70+ for shipping. The total cost of purchase was only $47.94. Exchange of mails occurred. Ebay said they decided the case in "my favor". They will refund me $39.95 upon my return of the 5 toy swords. $39.95 less $26.70 for return shipping leaves me with net of $13.25??? Well, I may have been a trusting person when I ordered from them but I'm not dumb to settle for less when the store was in error. Wrote them emails to no avail, then I continued to put in my poor rating of Yall Store. As with Ebay, I think they should read customers' emails & not delete them inadvertently. Don't buy from Yall Store!

May 06, 2014
But japanesesword/chinasamuraiswords/japaneseswordservice
by: Anonymous

Do not buy from these sites rip off scam, I didn't get the product was fobbed off with an email saying there where customs problems kept waiting over the time paypal would deal with it. Lost the money received no goods. Don't let any more innocent buyers be scammed out of their money get these sites shut down report it to action fraud if the pice get enough complaints it will be dealt with, this is a crime

Jan 02, 2014
by: Anonymous they have another site! been ripped off as well, It looks like a legit site, until you start investigating why your sword hasn't come. I doubt i'll ever get my sword, hopefully the bank will get my money back!

Nov 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! No sword,no money back,no replies......scam artists,bogus customer reviews, buyer beware!

Oct 27, 2013
Rip off sword sellers
by: Anonymous

Same story,ordered wakizashi,waited ......and waited....still wating emails met with same old story , ups tracking number that does not exist....problems clearing customs...then nothing , no replies to emails etc. Do Not Buy from these rip off artists. Why the chinese government allow these bandits to operate i dont know.

Oct 22, 2013
Rip off company
by: Bryan slattery

Do not buy from this company they are a rip off. i ordered a sword from them and waited and waited,email replied to at first then nothing apart from some BS about customs delay etc,its a scam. I wish i had read SBG before buying from them. Dispute proceeding with paypal .wish me luck.

Sep 18, 2013
do not buy from
by: Anonymous

I ordered a sword and it was perfect, for a giant. My sword is a good14 inches longer than was advertised on their site and I can not get anyone to respond to me about it and do the right thing and exchange the ridiculous sword they sent me for the size specifications that I purchased. They are thieves as far as I'm concerned.


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