Disappointed in "Real Armor of God"

by Ann Knopsnyder
(Atlanta, Georgia USA)

Sadly "Real Armor of God" is not a customer-oriented online store.

Their 'terms and conditions" run for pages if you print them out, their customer service is poor, and they are quick to hide behind their 'terms and conditions" if they make a mistake.

My husband ordered some clothing from "Real Armor of God," and it came in a size he didn't order. Because he didn't contact them within 10 days, he was stuck with the merchandise -- and out more than $100. The clothing was not even made by them, but a mass merchandise item made by some other company ("Real Armor of God" itself is owned by a larger company called Optimus International). The item was available on other websites.

Based on this experience, when he went to look for a sword, he definitely wasn't going to buy from "Real Armor of God." He bought from Therion Arms instead, and the service, quality and price were exceptional.

We also saw on here that Therion Arms received generally favorable comments and "Real Armor of God" did not.

Fortunately, "Real Armor of God" has competitors. I have found that I have better results from online sellers that make the items they sell themselves or know their unique suppliers well. I hesitate to order online without first engaging in an email exchange, followed up by a phone call.

In this way, if I need it, I can ask upfront for changes, especially in clothing. For example, I ordered a cape from Designs by Kate, and instead of a standard cloak pin-clasp, Kate sewed in two silver chain clasps for me at no extra cost. I wanted a more open look. I now have a one-of-a-kind, stunning lined wool cape.

We do not recommend buying from "Real Armor of God." We encourage you to look elsewhere.

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Dec 14, 2013
We Were Outright Ripped Off by Real Armor of God
by: Brenda and Sam

June 2011 phone order: Praetorian Roman Maintz sword, Sword cleaning kit and rust eraser. Our bank account was charged $309.62. To date we have not received a single item. We called numerous times. The first 3 times we were told the sword maker was having forging problems and they kept pushing the date further back on when we should expect delivery. After that they quit answering the phone - or changed their number altogether.
Today is Dec 13, 2013; no word, no order, no refund from Real Armor of God. Would not be surprised if there is litigation against them by someone with the time and $$ to do so...

Jun 03, 2012
don't buy from them
by: Anonymous

I revieved a sword many months after ordering it. I was very disappointed due to the fact that the sword looked nothing like the one I ordered.

Jun 16, 2011
Also disappointed
by: Anonymous

Mr. Cooper,

We ordered a wooden sword as a gift for my 7 year old on April 4. It did not arrive. On May 19th we agreed to a replacement. Customer Service said it would be shipped on May 20. It has not arrived. On June 7 we asked for an explanation/update. It has not arrived either.

Mar 14, 2010
The real story
by: John Cooper

Perfect customer service is something every company should strive for, but mistakes happen. How mistakes are resolved is what makes the difference.

Net-net, we do our best to be fair and provide good value to our customers. Yes, our T&C are lengthy, but it's to protect us from people who have taken advantage of us in the past.

Ann Knopsnyder's comments seem skewed. If someone buys something and has it for 10 days, they should notice if it fits or not (common since).

We are very reasonable about returns and exchanges and do what we can to help. However, some of our manufacturers impose a 10 day return limit on us and refuse to help the customer if beyond 10 days... and this is pointed out clearly in the actual description as an additional alert before buying.

As owner of Real Armor of God, I can confirm we are doing our best to take care of customers quickly and fairly. If you have an issue, please let us know by voice mail or through our contact us page. (Ask for me if you need to, and be sure to leave a valid phone number or accurate email address otherwise we can't get back to you.)

We have one phone line and it stays busy during office hours... and sends a 2nd caller into voice mail. Also, when shipments arrive or are going out - everyone is in the warehouse. Please leave a detailed message. If you do not get a reply within a reasonable time (1-2 days), please email us for a quicker reply.

As for the Caesar Sword #SWD5042-G issue... we had a product change and the new sword shipped out before the website was changed. Sorry. Of course, no update was provided above... and yes, we accept returns for a full refund in this case. Reasonable issues are dealt with fairly.

To everyone else, thank you for your understanding and we appreciate your patience in these matters. We look forward to serving you soon.

Jan 05, 2010
Hammer Forge and File, Inc. CEO
by: Robert Shyan-Norwalt

Great site and good information. Just my opinion, ...its puts you in a bad light to compare yourself to your competition. I've been a full time sword smith for about 12 years, and smithing since 1989. I'd say, just do what you do, very well, and don't put yourself above others. Like I say, just my .02.

Peace be well.

ps. I really like Athena, they are a very nice outfit also.

Dec 29, 2009
Small Claims Here We Come
by: Anonymous

I am going to be optimistic and hope that Real Armor of God will stand behind its products.

We were first time, non-collector, on-line sword buyers. To test the waters, we chose to spend very little money. I am already hesitant about on-line purchases, but chose to take a chance on an inexpensive item on their site.

We bought the Caesar Sword #SWD5042-G, originally 75.00 on sale for 33.50. Being a sample item, no returns are permitted. We thought this would be fine, did not expect anything fancy, but did expect to receive what was described in the ad, but this was not the case.

The item details state "wood grain handle", when even the plastic fails to look like wood. The ad states, "...brass plated metal engraving on the pommel and guard, "when the only metal is the blade. The ad states, "This 26-inch stainless steel Roman sword...", when it's full-length in actuality is 22.5".

If not assisted by the company, we fully intend to pursue this further, for it's a matter of principle. I will keep you updated as to what happens.

May 04, 2009


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