Had an interesting experience with Iloveswords.com/NobleWares...

by James Petruzzi
(Maui, Hawaii)

Not exactly awful, but..well, see what you all think. I was looking to get a Valiant Armory Praetorian as a gift for a friend, and after looking EVERYWHERE, NobleWares was the only place that had one in stock. They very nicely agreed to hold the sword for me until I could order (a week later). So far so good. However, when I got the sword, it wasn't in its original packaging, had scratches on the blade and pommel, and they'd forgotten to ship the scabbard. Not so good. A phone call and a few apologies later, NobleWares agreed to send me the scabbard and a "polishing kit" no extra charge. Okay...so I got my 2nd parcel, to find the "polishing kit" was a single tube of Metal Glo, and the leather scabbard was covered in mold! Sent a complaint email and left a voice message but have gotten no response. This is my only experience with this company, and speaking with Sonny at Valiant, he spoke well of them...so I HOPE this is an isolated incident. Still, I think I'll buy here or at KOA from now on. Any thoughts out there?
On the plus side, nothing but good things to say about the Praetorian, and I agree with Paul's review on SBG. Also, Sonny at Valiant has been exceptional in helping me out.

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Aug 29, 2016
Another Great Company
by: Mark Turner (Krilly Boy :)

Their prices are awesome for some products (lowest i have found), and spotty in only a few categories that I can find; for who knows why...but I have been buying swords for years and those guys have always given me great service, product availability and value. They have been a great source for me, and I've loved their beautiful site for years. They're a good lot. Can't be happier

Feb 04, 2014
5 star online store!!!
by: Anonymous

I'm been an avid LOTR fan since I was a child and have been collecting weapon replicas for many years. This is especially difficult since I live outside of the US. I found NobleWares online and ordered a LOTR sword from them entirely through emails. Tyler from NobleWares always responded promptly and even held the order for me when I was out of town. The item arrived promptly and in pristine condition. I am already looking forward to my next purchase with them! If you're looking for a dependable fuss-free buying experience, look no further!

Aug 16, 2013
Great service! A++++
by: Peter

I have purchased from a number of different online reword retailers, and these guys are THE BEST. The problem I've had at so many other places is that sellers will advertise a sword at a low price, and even state on their website that the item is available or in stock, but then it never is.
The guys at Noblewares actually answer the phone, and their customer service is superb. I recently bought a Marto sword from them, and couldn't be happier with the transaction. Will definitely buy from again!

Feb 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

Way over priced compared to other companies selling the same exact products.check it out yourselves

Jan 04, 2013
A fluke
by: Anonymous

I know those guys, i believe they still work out here in the high desert in dry sunny California, so it is highly likely that your "mold situation" happened on its way to you in the boat trip to hawaii. They have been a great source for me ALWAYS great customer service and products. From my experience Sonney is right, nothing but praise for NobleWares and their crew :)

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