Hanzoswords.com--A Hate Story

by Rob
(Houston, TX)

I placed my order on Sep 6, 2014. The item was IN STOCK. My email receipt clearly stated that my item would be shipped within 5-7 business days. After the 6th day with no shipping confirmation, I sent an inquiry-- the first of many to come. Needless to say, my message was never answered. I also called and left a message--never got a reply.

I sent an inquiry about a large order bulk discount from another email address to see if that would be answered. I received a reply within 30 minutes of that message! I guess the smell of money attracted attention. I emailed again from my account address to call them out on that--again, no reply. By Sep 19, I'd had enough and filed a Paypal dispute. The funny thing is that they sent me a shipping confirmation notice on Sep 24, but it had no tracking number. After they noticed my Paypal dispute, they got a little upset and couldn't figure out why I'd do such a thing. That's when my inbox got flooded with replies. I was even told that the "previous" owner had to step down due to these concerns and the site was under new management. BUNK!

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Feb 25, 2015
by: Rob

The review I left for HanzoSwords was while they were under previous ownership. Since then, new people have taken over. While I have still not given them another chance...yet, the new owners have stepped up and been VERY apologetic concerning the previous experience and have stayed in touch offering me deep discounts to correct the issue, maintain a good reputation and gain/keep a loyal customer.
While I did not need to provide this info, I feel as though HanzoSwords new owners are really trying to turn things around and make things right. It's easy to complain when things don't work out right, but people should take the time to mention positive efforts, too!

Jan 13, 2015
To Guy
by: Anonymous

Context error--meant CARD ISSUER DISPUTE!!!
Besides, what difference does it make who I had to file it with? He FAILED to deliver and made excuses!

Jan 13, 2015
to Rob
by: Guy

In the first paragraph, your origial complaint, you said you made a paypal dispute "By Sep 19, I'd had enough and filed a Paypal dispute." This is copy/pasted from your own statement. After Paul and Kevin commented, your next statement said, "First, I didn't file a Paypal claim, nor did you "honor" one--I filed a chargeback with my card issuer." Sounds like somebody is just mad that they didn't get what they wanted and now feels somebody or society owes them something. Dude, get over yourself.

Dec 15, 2014
More BUNK!!!
by: Rob

"I was unable to respond for several days because of a hospitalization."

Again--read my review. It's funny that you couldn't reply, but managed to squeak one out in reply about a large bulk order from a separate account. And this was sent the same day as one from my regular email account.

Your refute contradicts itself.

Dec 15, 2014
by: Rob

Read my review--I did state you gave me a tracking number. I also mentioned that you sent it AFTER I filed a chargeback!
Your comment about offering a refund or reship is a lie.
First, I didn't file a Paypal claim, nor did you "honor" one--I filed a chargeback with my card issuer.
Second, if you claim that it was delivered and you filed a UPS claim--why would you offer to reship it?

If I see anymore nonsense, I'll copy/paster ALL of my emails and your replies that were sent AFTER the chargeback.

Dec 15, 2014
Former owner of hanzoswords
by: kevin

This guy is leaving out some very important facts.
I did in fact send him tracking info although late which showed the item was delivered. He claimed that he didn't receive the item. He was angry at me and understanbly so because it did arrive a few weeks later than it should have. I did make a claim with ups and he told me they did contact him. I asked him if he wanted me to reship or a refund and he never gave me an answer. So i honored the refund and told paypal to give the money back.

In regards to a new owner and me selling the business that is the absolute truth. Because o health issues I did sell the business because I was no longer able to give it the attention that it needed. I will spare you the details of my health issues but will say they have caused me to go to the hospital on 7 or 8 occasions over the last year. I apologized to this man in regards to bad service for this order. And I will do so again here publicly. I understand his disappointment and frustration. But at the end of the day I did ship and ups shows it was delivered but left on porch. Here is the tracking info 1Z9Y7Y880347662557 he ordered on the September 6th(saturday) my policy at the time was shipping within 1-5 business days which would have been on the september 12,(shipped on 9-18) so it went out 6 days past our policy. I was unable to respond for several days because of a hospitalization. Whether he received it or not I do not know I have my own opinions based on the tone of his emails but in the end he got his money back. Im not a con man or a crook. I ran the site since 2004 as best as I could.Was I perfect? No. Did I make some mistakes Im sure I did. But I am not the crook this guy is painting me to be. The site is in very good hands with the new owner Jennifer and her husband have done a great job since taking over you can see many new reviews from real customers on sitejabber. I hope everyone has a happy holidays. I just came in here to give my side of the story. -Kevin

Dec 15, 2014
Paypal is a sword buyers friend
by: Paul

Sorry to hear about your bad experience, it is a good idea to contact a company with a new enquiry from a different email address if you are not getting replies to a customer service issue. If they reply quickly, at least you know that its not a technical email issue and they probably ARE ignoring your problem..

Nasty stuff, but it is why buying through Paypal is a good idea - they have your back as a sword buyer and the claims process is pretty straightforward.

Shame it has to come to that though!:(

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