Howard Clark. Bad experience.


Ordered a L-6 from Howard. They were 2 years behind. So I sent in my request and said I would work on my dimensions. Thought I had enough time. Was waiting n a email or call and then was going to give Howard my dimensions. Next thing a year later Howards wife emails me they started the katana and when I said I have to send her the dimensions she said Howard had already started it and she would send the katana to me. Howards wife said if I didn't like it he could make another one for me. But that it would take another 6 months to a year to get. I had already sent her the money. The katana wasn't what I wanted so I sent it back. Expecting at least a 6 month delay and my computer was down with a full picture and dimensions with what I wanted seemed fine with me. Howards wife send me my check minus my deposit of 500.00 dollars. So moral to this story is deal with the the swordsmith direct and send all dimensions in with order. Had two swords made from Howard in the past no problem dealt with Howard direct. End no katana out 500.00 dollars.

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