i would like to know if you have any info on trueswords.eu

i found this site while looking for an affordable but usable katana http://www.trueswords.eu/ ofcourse i don't have to behead anyone but i don't want a toy either but i couldn't find anything about them

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Not sure but..
by: Paul

I am actually not very familiar with this site or the people behind it.. But it rang a few warning bells..

The first warning bell was that a WHOIS search came up with nothing - registrant not disclosed/private. The second warning bell was a BBB accredited business sticker at the top of the site - with no link.. A search on the BBB website found - nothing, so this is not true..

The third and forth warning bells are that the site looks suspiciously like handmadeswords.com - but has none of the same products suggesting it may be copied directly from their site.. (handmadeswords IS registered with both - they are not at all our top recommended seller by any means, but this strongly suggests they are not affiliated and have been copied lock stock and barrel).

The fifth warning bell is the name - Trueswords.com is a popular website and a keyword - this seller has nothing to do with trueswords either and is leveraging another businesses name..

The sixth warning bell is no contact form and no return policy! They say to contact us if the item does not arrive after 10 days, but there is no contact form. About us also does not say where they are or who they are..

All of this is more than enough not to even bother looking at their products. But as this is the first time I had a look at some and they seem overpriced, the descriptions are dubious ($150 for a sword described as 1060 on one page, 1050 on another, is probably 1045 and there is no such thing as "High Quality Alloy" tsuba.. Etc).

Overall, I would stay clear - there are better options out there for buyers in the EU - check our EU Sword Buyers Directory for some recommended, safe sellers in your region..

Hope this helps!

- Paul

Recommended Vendor
by: Otto Von Faart

You had asked about Trueswords.EU ~ I've got to agree with Paul regarding this vendor. There is no actual contact or shipping info on that site. The photos are more or less generic China-tana factory pictures.

There are a number of decent & recommended European vendors that are reliable & trustworthy, though their offerings are a bit pricier. If you can purchase from a U.S. vendor I can unconditionally recommend SwordNArmory ~ http://www.swordnarmory.com
Their prices are about as low as you will find for a legitimate vendor. I've made several purchases from them and have not been disappointed.

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