Is Deepeeka Worth Buying ?


I only own windlass steelcrats products as of now . Is deepeeka Worth buying?

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Yes and No..
by: Paul

Deepeeka are often maligned by serious sword collectors, but considering that most swords are around the $100 to $200 price point at the absolute highest, they are one of the cheapest options for 'battle ready' medieval swords..

To compare them with higher value swords is not really all that fair, and in most respects, you get what you pay for..

Most complaints about Deepeeka concern overly heavy blades without distal tapering and poor balance, plus issues with the actual construction.

You can read our official write up on Deepeeka here - but basically, some models are better than others and most are worth the price paid, but you can't fairly compare them to swords several times the price.

by: BC

No. Derpeeka is not worth their asking price. Poorly tempered and constructed in India.

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