japanese forged sword is chinese & no such address exists in Tokyo

by David Barclay-Miller
(Skane, SWEDEN)

Real-Sword have a great website-well made & with very good graphics, as shame its setting out to deliberately hide the truth of its chinese made swords origins
as a novice sword hobbyist I ordered from their supposed "japanese" address in Tokyo (that Dragon street doesnt exist in Tokyo is a real worry & implied japanese forge- called Nishijin,) a medium price clay tempered clay blade for $340+ dollars
I enquired several times of them as to the origin of these forged blades & if a genuine japanese forged product-no replies to my emails
I then found SBGs site & was horrified to learn none of this was in fact true so tried to cancel my order 3-4x but to no avail
the sword arrived 2x days ago, a prompt service - BUT not from japan but direct from a one Mr Jamie Hill in Zhong Shan Road LonQuan City China as I had been belatedly informed would happen by SBG -so no Japanese forge even touched the sword, maybe this was naive on my part for this price point

As to quality I have'nt tested it for cutting action yet but the fittings/wraps etc are definitely "cheap" & the hamon etc as seen on the website seem to be missing on my blade
I am disappointed I could NOT cancel my order & I question why this company has to "pretend/imply" its making its product in japan following all japanese master craftsman traditions & has no aftermarket responses with its customers-but its all chinese from an unknown source
so herein lies a warning for other novice buyers-know what you are paying for & with SBGs info I now know I could have got a sword from china that had been tested & from a proven forge

Disappointed buyer in Sweden

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