King of Swords

by Survivalist

I haven't used them in about a year and a half, but when I did I received about half of my $400 order, I would warn anyone that does use them of this fact. However one of the blades I recieved was a replica "Book of Eli" Kukri Machete which for being such a horribly useless website with horrible customer service (if any)I was amazingly surprised at the reliability of the blade. The sheath that came with it was a joke, I could have made a better sheath out of cardboard. The blade itself was full-tang and surprisingly strong, came unsharpened but once I sharpened it I tested it on an old oak tree out back to see if it could be broken with reasonable use and the blade held up I actually managed to get the blade stuck about 4 inches horizontaly into the tree and was amazed that with that much force the blade was still relatively sharp with no damage to blade or handle. I do not feel in any way that this was due to KOS, I beleive they got lucky but its kind of hard to make a blade of that width and screw it up, I highly recommend a good Kukri Machete to anyone who is a survivalist or is just looking for a new good quality machete, Just dont buy from KOS I have seen on some forums that some purchased items didn't arrive for several months to as long as a year. DO NOT BUY FROM KOS EVER!!!!!

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