Kingofswords is crap

by Eric Winkler
(Troy NY)

Back in Febuary I ordered 3 swords. Now i had been lookin for these swords for some time(one for about 8 years)I have 2 kids and didn't want to spend a fortune getting the swords,BIG MISTAKE. I ordered the wheel of time (Heron branded) sword and the forgotten realms swords(twinkle and icingdeath, come on ya got get the pair right?)So several months later i e-mailed the company to see where m order was. I got a resonse of "we're sorry our supplier got stuck in customs, okay now i worry. A month later same thing. Another month later and their telling me that customs has to open every box (yea bullshit).It's not July 29th, i've canceled the order on the second of this month and yet no refund,go figure. i call the parent company and i get a recording say leave a messege and we'll get back to you in 24-48 hours,what no actual customer service rep? Guess what? Still haven't heard from them, got an e-mail from KoS saying if i don't have my refund within 48hrs to stop payment,yea except i used my bank card and i can't, so if i don't have it by Wed(7-30)i' contacting better Bisiness. So all in all, DON"T order from King of swords.

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Feb 18, 2013
by: eric

ty you all for posting.. me and the wife have given up on trying to get our money back. We tried everything , we were even promised a refund with a week, nothing. we have filed numerous reports with the ny state bbb , attorney generals office, georgia state, and federal..(see previous posts) for those of you still trying wish you good luck but nothing we have done was able to get any results, not even under the "new" management.

Feb 18, 2013
File a Report PLEASE
by: Anonymous

As of now, with the Consumer Protection Agency, I am the only one who has a report filed! The more of us that report this company (if they are really a company), the more likely action will be taken against them!

Here is the link!

Aug 28, 2012
probably got scammed what it seems to look like
by: Kevin

i bought a cold steel throwing star and a transformers knuckle and it looks like I bought stuff off a scam site. 08-28-12

Aug 21, 2012
The New Managment
by: Anonymous

Most of us are aware of the official notice of the new ownership and management by now. Like anything that KOS state in writting (at least when they do actually give a written statement on anything that is), it is nothing more than just that, A Name. We are all capable of legally changing our name, the business HQ is in the same location and some bogus story was made up that some sort of illness was aflicting the original owner preventing him (or could be possibly her)running the business any further and by some chance someone just dropped by out of nowhere, bought the business (for what its worth)and decided to make amends to the hundreds of victims. I find that story way too convenient.

This so called Scott who is one of the kings horsemen, from what I have found out, doesn't sound like anyone different from the last owner, and for all we know it could be the original owner, an alias is cheap but his attitude via email is practically identical to the last owner. Cheap promises, very infrequent answering on phone calls or emails, and when he finally does (email only), another lame excuse comes out just to re-assure that all will be ok with your order or money.

Overall, no change in the status, Remain well the hell away from them unless you plan to break his neck in person ( to which I and no doubt many others would be very thankful for), all they did was just buy themselves a little time by giving the false impression that things were going to be different under this new management, but its not, same story, same situation, same result. Avoid, avoid, Avoid!

Aug 04, 2012
by: Eric Winkler

ok so i checked in to it and the earlier post is right, they are under new management and while i didn't get my original order( all 3 blades were no longer in stock with ANY vendor) i did finally get my order filled. the new management was so helpful, i'm thinking of giving them another try, ya never know

Aug 04, 2012
by: james goetz

this company is fraud i have been waiting for my merchandise for a good while now and its bullshit this company is worthless because who ever orders stuff from here will not recive product and they assume its funny when they tell you they are out of stock and a bunch of differant stories so word of advise DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY

Aug 04, 2012
by: james goetz

this company is fraud i have been waiting for my merchandise for a good while now and its bullshit this company is worthless because who ever orders stuff from here will not recive product and they assume its funny when they tell you they are out of stock and a bunch of differant stories so word of advise DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY

Mar 28, 2012
New Owners, finally got my stuff
by: Jason

Hey Guys,

So after trying to get my stuff for around a year, I got an email from someone at King of Swords. Apparently the company is under new ownership, and the new guy is trying to get everything sorted out. He offered to either refund my money, or fulfill my order. I chose to give them another chance, and lo and behold, my stuff showed up today. Now this still took 2 months, but they had explained that they were out of stock, and it may take that long. So anyway, if you are still waiting for your order, try emailing them, you may get some satisfaction!

Jul 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

u actually got ahold of someone? what number did u call?

Jul 26, 2011
kos still at it
by: Anonymous

i ordered a staff from them over a month ago and haven't received it so i called there number and sent several emails, i was able to get a hold of some one on the phone he gave me a personal email so i sent him my order info and number he said he would call me so get it fixed so based on this sites reviews im going to try to get a refund

Jul 14, 2011
So glad
by: Sean

I'm so glad I didn't buy from that site, I had entered all my card details and one click away from purchasing but my gut instinct told me to contact them first (since I live in the UK and there are some legal issues with weapons) so after all that I closed the site and googled about KoS.
Nearly lost $80 that site should really go down, nothing but scum.
Sorry to all those who were robbed through this :/

Jun 08, 2011
Nearly 2 months
by: Anonymous

Ordered my sword on 21st april 2011 they said it would take 2 weeks to get to me on the 15th may they apologized and said it woukd be sent in one week, any other problems to contact them. Since then 15 emails sent and no reply.

Then by luck i managed to get through directly to the manager on the phone who immediatly put the phone down after i gave him my order no. Pretty shady.

They need to be shut down now.

May 02, 2011
Re: Refund
by: DragonLady69

Within a week after I filed the complaint with ICS I received an email from KOS & received my refund. I emailed them before that & told them that I had filed the complaint & would be going to the DA.

Apr 29, 2011
couple years
by: Eric

well as of the original post i started, i believe it's been 2 or 3 years since i was robbed by this scammer.

Apr 29, 2011
Got scammed
by: Anonymous

My husband got scammed last year. Haven't been able to get a hold of the company like everyone else. Just wondering when everyone else posted how long this company has been ripping people off so I'm adding a date 4-29-2011. Something has to be done I can't believe there are so many posts.

Mar 05, 2011
Steps being taken
by: DragonLady69

I have filed a complaint with IC3
& I will also be filing with Georgia's gov complaint & since am on disability I will be contacting someone related to The Americans With Disabilities Act. Anyone else that may be on disability that was scammed please contact me.( I am calling my lawyer on Monday that got my disability for me to see about a class action suite. Also there is a Facebook page for King Of Swords Scam:!/group.php?gid=108061669219765 I may have only lost $38 but it is the principle & $38 is no chump change for me on limited income.

Mar 05, 2011
Steps being taken
by: DragonLady69

I have filed a complaint with IC3
& I will also be filing with Georgia's gov complaint & since am on disability I will be contacting someone related to The Americans With Disabilities Act. Anyone else that may be on disability that was scammed please contact me.( I am calling my lawyer on Monday that got my disability for me to see about a class action suite. Also there is a Facebook page for King Of Swords Scam:!/group.php?gid=108061669219765 I may have only lost $38 but it is the principle & $38 is no chump change for me on limited income.

Dec 01, 2010
sam old, same old
by: Anonymous, NSW, Australia

Same deal as everybody else. I bought a few things back in october 2009 only $170 or so but still. Same excuses, 1 month later currently not in stock, +1 month later items are held in customs and so forth. I canceled the order way back in march 2010, still nothing. Chances are because I ordered from Australia the laws will take even longer to take effect if they take effect at all. ALL BUYERS BEWARE!!!! no matter how tempting the goods are, don't EVER buy! They'll just take your money and ignore you like the rest of us who got suckered.

What I want to know is the same what everybody else is asking time after time, why the law not only allows, but does absolutely nothing about assholes such as this one to get away with this shit. Where the fuck is justice here?

The title of this forum page should be renamed to kingofswords are fucking liars who should have their wrists slit. PERIOD!

For those interested in further contact details. the business is registered to an Alfred P (can't get surname, yet) somewhere in Georgia.

I doubt any of us will get our money back but this motherfuck just HAS to go down for good!! keep at it with the posts. We won't give up and we got nothing more to loose here other than what this prick has robbed from us.

Sep 16, 2010
what a ripe
by: Anonymous

i got taken for 25.00 dollars like someone else i got bull shit from them saying my item was not avalible. i cancelled and it's been 2 months waiting for my refund with no luck. i called KOS phone number but no one answered along with my e-mails. How can someone like that be in business,

Jun 28, 2010
by: Wink

yea thats why i made this post after i got screwed the same way. i wanted to try to forewarn ppl about that messed up site. wish there was a way to let ppl know BEFORE they even go to thewebsite.

Jun 28, 2010
same here
by: Anonymous

two years i ordered some thing off there sit and i didnt get it after two months and then i cancled the order and i am still waiting like i will ever get it long story short they scewed me over.

Jun 20, 2010
by: Craig Swin

They nearly got my money, saw a great folded dao; sounded too good to be true at the price, working on the idea that if it seems too good to be true it prob is. I looked around; like I said thanks everyone. Sorry you had to loose out for others to learn the truth. Got stung buying a video cam once same way, and it cuts deep!

Mar 21, 2010
by: wink

like i said b4 no product or refund. had someone contact me abou it,but it had been so long i no longer had the e-mails, that pissed me off cause i had gotten fed up and deleted them like 3weeks b4.

Mar 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

I just ordered a product from KOS and I wrote the wrong state on my address. The shipping information is right but the state isn't. I have also been getting that stupid electronic answering machine with no real rep. on the other side! I am pissed at what I'm reading and I think their has to be something we can do because they are ripping people off! thats like stewaling so their has to be something someone can do? i even think thats fraudulent schemes from what I can tell and thats punishable by the court! Just as they tell use when we order things from places. The are stealing our money without sending the product. Has anyone had any luck with refunds or getting their product yet??? DAMN!!!!! I'M SO FU*&% PISSED!!!!!

Dec 03, 2009
by: wink

anyone try that website linked above? the i did it say not found

Dec 02, 2009
no response
by: Anonymous

I ordered a tapestry on November l4th and my credit card was immediately charged. I have not received my order and have sent numerous emails with no response. I wish I had seen this web site before I ordered from King of Swords cause I wouldn't have even placed an order. Their phone messages said you can log on to your account to get your order number, but when I did, it said I had no purchases. So it seems like this web site is a bunch of bull.

Oct 29, 2009
by: Wink

unfortunately i have not,nor my refund. haven't tried the web site posted above yet

Oct 29, 2009
Just Ordered
by: Anonymous

Has anyone received there merchandise?

Apr 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

After complaining to their Web Service provider at, a refund was forth coming.

Time to make FBI complaints and shut these people down.

Mar 22, 2009
lots of KOS scams
by: Anonymous KOS IP address
FBI Fraud complaint site
RCMP fraud site for Canadians

King Of Swords
3000 Johnson Ferry Road
Suite 103/104
Marietta, GA. 30062
Phone: 678-264-8205
Fax: 678-528-8626

Their contact information but it will not do you any good.
Their internet web provider.

Mar 15, 2009
we have
by: Wink

We've contacted several people about this, the better bisiness said they can't do anything b/c KoS isn't a member.we've gone to a couple goverment agencies(refer to the coments above for the web site)Only thing is , is that others also need to complain to them as well. There's not much else we can do besides start a law suit.

Mar 15, 2009
Concerned Citizen
by: Loynaz

I have a similar problem but I luck out their were members of at that time, when i purchase and I had spoke to rep at and was able to get my product after the holidays but did, but its been 2 years later, I've notice their still rip-off people, I don't understand why has anyone done anything to close this company down or have this people put away the laws that are supposed to protect us sometimes don't because of this so call ponzie scheme. the very law in this country and from some states sometimes are shameful don't help us and protect us. in which by the way its hateful, we all work for a living but some work taking away our living. I hate that their still in business and nothing is being done to help this people out.

Your order has been updated to the following status.

New status: Order Accepted

Please reply to this email if you have any questions.

This seem to be Automated response you get through KingOfSwords system everytime you send them an email. Well my story goes as follow:

I purchased miniature Roman helmets on November 28, 2007 for holiday gift. I contacted my bank which indicated payment was made out on November 30, 2007 to KingOfSwords, and the email response from KingOfSwords was that Order Accepted. I pursued this further because they didn't give me an order status.

Since most ethical companies do not hit your credit card until product SHIPS, I assumed that I would receive a shipping notification in the near future. This did not happen. I eventually received a notice that they had RECEIVED my order. I went to their website and utilized the form to request the status of my order, but to no avail also. After some digging, I found that the site is part of a company using the name

That's the response I've gotten for the several attempts I've made through email to KingOfSwords, I've contacted them through their 800' number (1-866-691-0305) however no human at the end of that company number only a automated answer, indicating to leave your order number and a phone number in which they can reach you back within a 24hr period. So far I have not heard anything from them. I also have to add that when I placed the order I paid the bond fee per their request in order to secure purchase. To be on the safe side I pay that fee. Interesting thing I have to say is that they are a member of, with the symbol emblem on their website, which anyone who shop online would trust. The problem I have is their lack of responsive customer service, the lack for which will hinder the company image in the end. Consumer inquiries on a timely matter is key on the worldwide web when shopping, especially for this holiday.

I have filed a dispute with as well as with the third party seller, indicated that my products were coming from this seller. I have yet to receive an answer from

Brooklyn, New York

Mar 13, 2009
Thanks for the heads-up
by: Cosmic Rocker

I ordered from KOS aswell, what a waste of money. They don't respond to E-mails,I have sent them several E-mails. I am lucky though, I only lost 37.00 to them. When I order on-line, the first order is always small. Its easy to be tricked by that website. I wonder what kind of state would allow them to continue robbing people of their hard earned cash. I want to thank all of you for shining some light on this dirt. They can only survive in the DARK.

Jan 09, 2009
federal consumer agency
by: erika

i also just posted a complaint to the federal consumer agency u can find that right on georgias site if u feel the need to contact them too. i also wrote another email to the company letting them know that i am writing complaints to the consumer agencies so we will see if they respond back to me. good luck to all who are having issues getting ur money back.

Jan 09, 2009
consumer protection agency
by: eric's wife-- erika

i am trying to go through the georgia consumer protection agency and they say that they will only look into the company if more that 1 person complains so im going to post an web address(the same one im using) and i would like it if anyone with a complaint could go there. at this point we may not get out money back but we can teach the company a lesson if we all band together. that is the website-- all im asking is that u send them a quick email and let them know that u too got ripped off by this company and that they need to be shut down.
thank you, erika

Jan 09, 2009
by: Michael

also stole my money. no return calls. no return emails. $169.68. The BBB and Attorney's General are aware of their fraudulent activities. Why are they still in business?

Dec 15, 2008
by: DarkKnight

Yea I fell for it.... since April I've been waiting for something caught up in customs. Then they say they lost the order sorry. We need to find a way to shut the site down. Anyone know some good virus programs ... that'll teach him.

Dec 04, 2008
by: Wink

Well when in doubt find the thing that they wouldn't want to happen and use it.but only as a last resort.Btw i'm still waiting....go figure

Dec 03, 2008
by: Quinn

Yea, Paul warned me about king of swords when I asked for some good places to buy. I ended buying at his store, damn that blatant plug! :)

*daydreams about the day sword arrives*

Nov 28, 2008
oh yea
by: BAMiron

WINK.............EXCELLANT.........outstanding & clever advice.

Nov 28, 2008
oh yea
by: Wink9Eric winkler)

I also found out the rat bastard didn't even read my last 3 e-mails before we found his MySpace page

Nov 28, 2008
try this
by: Wink

My wife found his MySpace page,he's got celebs like Bam on there sportin his armor and swords,she threatened to tell all of them what kinda business he's runnin,all of a sudden i get an e-mail saying the refund is gonna be taken care of.Personally i think i should blog his friends list anyway,no celebs gonna want to be associated with a scammer

Nov 27, 2008
by: BAMiron

check with whatever agency yo have in your state for consumer protection(some are better than others) and/or contact the office of your states attorney general and see if they are lookin' at this guy, if not, tell them about him, be accurate.......the closer to the state he resides in, the better.............class action suits are cheaper than you think as well, all you really have to do is get an attorney (any attorney) interested........the more political the lawyer is , the better........easier to appeal to their sense of what they can profit politically from consumer protection.....we are sorry for your troubles by the way.

Nov 26, 2008
by: Anonymous

jeez thats absolutly terrible . theres got to be a way you can get some sort of compansation. Which county is the firm based ?

Sep 08, 2008
King Of Swords Is A Rip OFF
by: Dave ( Chief) Watkins

I had the same thing as Eric Winkler, but I didn't tell them to give me the money back. It was taken out of my acount. But I did chek with the B.B.B. in that state and it is too numerise to say here.So still waiting. But if you still dout go to the B.B.B.sight and see for yourself.

Sep 07, 2008
It sux
by: wink

Believe me i tried. I even went to the better business web site and unfortunatly they aren't registered with them, so if KoS doesn't respond to them there's nothing they can do. KoS has resopnded to about 1 in 5 complaints. there isn't much we can do besides try to get a law suit, but that migtht be about as useful as a cherry flavored enima. Sorry

Sep 05, 2008
by: Anonymous

Damm it kof, we will find a way to get our money back, if we complain together to the local court...?

Sep 01, 2008
sorry man
by: Anonymous

unfortunatly, i doubt you'll get your money back,it's been like 2 months now and i haven't recieved my refund

Aug 26, 2008
ture the same stuff
by: jp

Iv'e order my swords in april 6,2008 so it could be there the 26 for a birth day well gess what..... still havent came yet! Iv'e been sending emails to the company and leaving messages to them and i had no response for a half a month till i said i was going to contact the manager i finaily got an eamil back saying they have to open then indivialy and they are in customs bull shit i just might refund it in a wekk or so the make me so feaking mad!!!!! i wrote this aug. 27, 2008!

Aug 01, 2008
damn the luck
by: Wink

Yeah i figureds it was a lost cause i even went to better business and they can't really do anything. sucks but what can i do? It's nice to know someone feels for me,thanx

Aug 01, 2008
imagine that.
by: B A Miron

yes, it seems these guys have a lot of problems.......they don't actually have anything in stock, everything (almost everything) they sell is all drop-shipped from someplace else; so they are often in a quandry as to what is actually still available........we had to cancel several orders after it was discovered the items were no longer available from the suppliers even though they were indicated in stock on KOS's is a hard lesson to learn though, we feel for you..........ask around here first if you can next time...........i know that seems like lame advice after the fact but just as well it is always advisable to use a regular CC when you make these kinds of purchases simply for the protection they give you on line...........really and truly sorry for your trouble though.

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