Medieval Poor Service!

by Mike

I ordered a sword October 16th 2007 from Medieval and never received any notification by e-mail that my order was confirmed.

Called their toll free number November 1st to confirm my credit card order; the individual who answered the phone stated with obvious unconcern that the order hadn't been placed and that he would have to contact the manufacturer (in Spain). He said he would contact me by e-mail. It's 7 November and nothing.

I don't particularly care for businesses operating with non-existant inventories (such as Medieval Collectibles and

If you have any problems with a company in the U.S., call that state's attorney general to file a complaint.

These are two companies that I'll be avoiding in the future, unless they make the effort to list on-hand stock.

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Jan 10, 2016


enmail addresds:

Dec 03, 2014
Do NOT order from here if product is not in stock
by: Anonymous

2014 - Ordered several products which would have arrived in time for my event (2 months later). Part of the order shipped and was told several items were on backorder and offered substitutes which I did not take. I was charged for entire order. 6 weeks later I followed up for a status - the items were not in and now did not have an estimated arrival. I used something else for my event and followed up one month later (about 3 months after ordering). The items were still not in and one of them MIGHT be in one more month. At this point I asked for a refund. I was told 2-3 business days and 2 weeks later it had still not showed up and I had to again ask what was going on. If item is not in stock, do not purchase/buyer beware.

Jul 20, 2014
by: Joey

learn to check the shipping youll get a refund no matter what you will not have to deal with bad customer support over 80 percent of these comments are from raging nerds who do not appreciate a descent dealer. Now im not saying there great but my experiences they have been. Not only that do some research it dont hurt but dont listen to half of these people. All you do is call about your order Then you do some research on the weapon. Read there site all of it it tells you alot of stuff that would stop these problems. I know my english is bad but i dont have time for you tools. Not only that yes your proably wondering if ive had a bad experience. Well some of there weapons arent the best quality but there descenet and im sure some are fantastic one of mine is another is falling apart and one came semi broke gona call them and i gaurentee they fix it. Have fun Trolls surfing and plz stop spam posting as annonomous loosers

Jul 03, 2014
Stay away from Medieval Collectibles
by: Anonymous

I also had a terrible experience with this company for another product. I ordered boots listed as leather. They were plastic and looked like disco boots. Took a lot of work to finally get refund through paypal but still working on getting my $26 postage returned. They also were unable to process my order (i should have taken it as a warming) and I had to get my bank involved. Do not do business with them!

Jun 21, 2014
Great service, love the product!
by: Crystal K

I just got my bracers from these guys and let me tell you that they have the best customer service. I talked with a representative online on their website and they were very helpful on answering my questions and even went as far as to call me when my order was shipped which is something other companies don't do. I can proudly wear these high quality bracers to the renaissance fair this year and will order other products from this website in the future.

Dec 27, 2013
by: Anonymous

Ordered a sword from DarkKnightArmoury. Received a scratched up, pitted sword full of hammer marks. They do not give full refunds. I will be out a lot of money for this. Avoid them at all costs!!!!!

Dec 01, 2013
Cool Weapons
by: Anonymous

Medieval Collectibles is fun to look at at.But I think you should call in before you order anything, just to make sure it's in stock.

Dec 01, 2013
Godfred Sword Wooden?
by: Anonymous

Is it just me or is the Godfred sword made out of wood? If someone finds out please tell me.

Nov 01, 2013
LOL at "money scam"
by: Anonymous

That's got to be one of the most suspicious and conspiratorially theories I've ever heard.

Because medieval armor and lotr pipes are so lucritive that they have a varitable gold mine to sit on. Say someone orders a $60 jerkin and it takes two months to show up and gets refunded. Well, the highest interest rate for any bank I've seen is .71% That $60 will yeild less than a penny for them. Say it was held back for 36 months... well, those lucky scammers just made $1. The average (non-online) bank has a rate of .18.

I understand they are pulling more orders than that, but even then, it wouldn't add up to a single employee's payroll.

They may be a crap company, but its probably due to stupidity and laziness more than anything.

Nov 01, 2013
understandable but..
by: DF

I just don't think it is fair to call them crooks and theives (which I'm not saying you did, I'm not sue i read your original comment) when they very clearly have given good and speedy service to people. Maybe they are alittle caught up in making their site appear to have a crazy, endless inventory.

Almost any site has the same system, you place your order and it auto debits your account. That's nothing new. And lieing... nothing new either. Amazon, walmart, burger king, most lucritrive companies, all lie a bit to either make people happy, or push their crappy product. I'd be pissed too if I were you, however. Especially if some little s*** showed up and started saying I was over-reacting. Im just defending a company that has been good to me and not invalidating your complaints. I waver that they are real and unfortunate.

Just saying.. free shipping and an invoice with tracking before a have a chance to regret the money blown on armor for make believe, makes it hard to agree with everyone.

I don't know.. maybe ill come back when I have a bad order with them. I wasn't trying to offend or anything and ESPECIALLY not trying to argue. No internet drama or keyboard warrior for me.

Nov 01, 2013
by: james delrose

You got the refund though, aye? So.. they didn't rip you off like so many are saying.

I had good experience aswell, I actually ordered an item without checking the stock, semi-panicked, checked the stock and saw that it was backordered, then received the shipping info and got it in 4 days.

I guess one good experience doesn't make up for a bunch of bad ones. I just find it odd that there are really great service reviews and people still calling them crooks. Maybe they just arent as "well oiled" as other sites. But I don't believe there is any malice.

Oct 31, 2013
For the "maybe you're too hard on them"
by: Anonymous

They didn't have stock information when I purchased from them and they LIED to me. Do you understand that part? LIED! That's just dead wrong. Just be truthful and refunding money is easy. I've worked retail also and I know how easy it is to do on a cc machine or with a simple phone call. Telling me it's 1-2 weeks to get a refund is just BS. So try again.....

Oct 31, 2013
You guys may just be too hard to please.
by: Dustin F

I placed an order for three items and received an email with shipping invoice attached within the hour. I had planned on calling to check up, but I had no need to... it was all on it's way with tracking.

I also had FREE SHIPPING. Granted, I ordered from "", but it is the same site and warehouse as "darkknightarmory" and "medievalcollectables"

You know how I made this work? I checked the stock of every item I ordered.. like others had mentioned. It's right there to see.

These people don't make the products, so I don't know why some of you are bent out of shape about the quality of the stuff you order. You spend fair money, you get fair quality.

As far as refunds.. I've worked retail. No one likes giving refunds, especially when it was the customers mess up. They are a supreme pain in the a** and effect the company's bottom line. They have the measurments to most everything On the site. And you can't expect a $35 pair of boots to be made for hiking. I may think that you guys should cut them a bit of slack. Credit refunds do take awhile.. your in line with other people ordering, then the bank has a line of transfers to check and allow. That's the world we live in.

Sep 18, 2013
Dark Knight Armory: Save Yourself the Heartache and Steer Clear!
by: Erica

On 13 Sept 2013 I ordered a shirt, pants, and a sword frog from Dark Knight Armory and selected Express delivery for a formal ball I was attending on the 22nd. On 17 Sep I get an e-mail informing me that two of the items are out of stock, but they have the same item in differents color available. I was able to work with the different colors offered, so I had them swap out the shirt and pants with the new colors.

On 18 Sept I get an e-mail telling me that hey, I'd selected the Express option and you're going to get your stuff on 23 Sept. Unacceptable and useless, since the ball is on the 22nd. They mention they can "look into" 2nd Day Air option.
I reply with, "2nd day air would be helpful, but only if Dark Knight was willing to pick up the tab. I’ve already paid extra for Express and unfortunately, the situation seems to be panning out as anything but."

Later that day I get an e-mail informing me that they're not picking up the tab for 2-day air, but for $1.35 they can upgrade the shipping option. I can swing that, so I agree.

20 minutes later, I get this e-mail:

"At this time our system did not save Credit Card information. Please contact us before 4:30 PM today with Credit Card information so that we may process the charge for your order and have it shipped out."

And THAT'S where my patience ran out, Your Honor. I e-mailed them back and told them to cancel the order completely. If you cannot maintain a proper billing system for your customers, you don't deserve their patronage.

I did find it exceptionally strange that their system didn't save my credit card information, but hey, since no stuff is coming, so I'll keep an eye on the credit card statement next month, just in case.

Moral: Go anywhere but Dark Knight Armory for your sword, clothing, and armor needs, because the incompetence is strong with this one.

Aug 30, 2013
Dark Knight Armoury
by: Anonymous

I should have checked this site before I made my purchase! It has been two months now since I made my order, and while I did receive three of the five items I have ordered, I only received those after writing several emails and several weeks of back and forth with their staff. It looks like they only work Friday afternoons, because all my correspondence with them was answered in the same time frame.
I am still waiting on two of my more expensive items, some mens boots and medieval pants that they claimed were hand made to order and took time to receive. Information that was not available on their website.
After seeing the responses on this website, I believe I too will file a complaint with the Attorney General of Indiana.

Aug 02, 2013
Advertising merchandise from other distributors!
by: Anonymous

I have made previous purchases from this company in the past. The issues started with my third purchase this year. I bought a fantasy themed smoking pipe from them as well, as some jewelry. I waited two months to receive the items without, so much as a word from them. So, I finally contacted them and they told me that, the pipe was made overseas and would take two more months to ship. I thought this was ridiculous but, I gave them two more months and was practically told the same thing after, I contacted them a second time. They ended up suggesting another pipe that, they did carry. I agreed and got this pipe which, was $5 more than the one I originally purchased.

I took a chance in placing another order, this time I purchased six items and received only four. I just contacted them and it was the same issue of them advertising items, they order from European distributors. In short, while they advertise these items, their stock only consist of certain items and they poorly designate they items they do carry. Example:I purchased Out of Stock items and received them very quickly!

They handle business very poorly by acting quick to take your money but, they will not contact you with any updates of your order.

May 17, 2013
You guys have issues
by: Anonymous

I have placed 5 orders through Medieval Collectibles thus far. Several of my associates have placed orders, as well. All in all we have made a combined total of 23 separate orders through them and, with the exception of them not filling partial orders, we have had not a single problem. The web site is slow but they always showed, or gave an option to see, availability of each and every item. I don't know why you guys are having problems but you are the only ones.

May 04, 2013
Not "suddenly" out of stock.
by: Jamie Rowley

My first order with Medieval Collectibles was for a few items and while the rest shipped, one had not. After speaking with their friendly support staff, I had realized the item was out of stock and ships from overseas which takes time and also has to get sorted through customs.

Bear in mind, most items on this website's catalog are ordered from different vendors and producers. I had noticed that the item I was purchasing had a link on the item description page: "Click For Availability". You click that link, brings up a pop-up window giving you an estimated delay time if it's not in stock. Keep in mind, these are estimates and the actual time will vary depending on the producer they are procuring the item from - they do not have any control over this other than asking the producer to fulfill the order.

The item I purchased was a 3-4 month estimate on backorder. They have offered multiple times to either refund my money or put it towards any other purchase and even took the time to comb through their in stock inventory to find similar items for me.

With this in mind, I now always check to see if it's available for purchase. I wanted to recently purchase a steampunk outfit (2 piece, coat & vest). They said 4-5 day backorder, 2 day shipping. I need it in two weeks. I called in to check how soon they could get it for me. I spoke with Melissa at MedievalCollectibles and she tried to contact her partner location to check if it was in stock. She couldn't get through to them and promised to call me by the end of the day with results. Here is her call:

Long story short, she was able to get me 1 of the items immediately. The other they only have available in large for now.

Be an informed customer before you make a purchase and then point the blame finger at others.

Mar 25, 2013
Terrible company!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I ordered a pipe and pipe stand for my son at Christmas 2012.... He has only received part of this wizard pipe combo....I call and they keep saying.... Next week, next week....buyer be aware thet this company will not deliver on time but possibly 6 months to a year later....still waiting n the stand and tamper.....I had to call so many times to see if the pouch ever got in and when they did get that in had to wait for me to call to say please send this out... Althought they are always pleasant on the phone and rant nasty at least... I told them I have rad many bad reviews and was going to add to those bad reviews too... Buyer beware!!!!!'m

Feb 23, 2013
by: Ray

Came across this site only yesterday, and was truly enjoying the wonderful display of Greek and Roman collectible pieces they had!Only to do a review before ordering, and all my happiness was gone. I'm glad i came across this page! I just can't believe people go through the trouble of ripping others off...

I personally will take the advice and search else where for items i want. I also went back to my wish list and checked each item, only to discover nearly all the items i wanted(25 items), weren't even in stock! I also checked their address on google earth, and nothing was there! Just a damn empty lot, and then retyped it. Then i ended up on and empty street with no building or warehouse as to where they would have an inventory! They can kill themselves!

Feb 10, 2013
Customer Service Incompetence
by: Anonymous

I had a complaint and not only did they fail to offer a partial refund, other remedy, or sincere apology, Monica somehow turned it into an argument and was more concerned with winning this imaginary argument than actually caring for a customer. People with egos like that don't belong in customer service. My guess is she has the job because she is part owner or related to the ownership. Too insecure to provide service from the appropriate perspective.

The item was nice, the service was bad. I won't be back but there are worse places out there too.

Dec 20, 2012
by: VERY unsatisfied customer!

I ordered a pair of (what they titled womens SZ 8 boots) they came after contacting them more than once, in a months time.
BUT they did not come any where near fitting me. They were even TOO LARGE for my husband who wears a MENS sz 8! THEY WERE HUGE!

I was finally able to return them (they would NOT give me my money back) only store credit... BUT ONLY HALF OF WHAT i PAID! They offered me $25. of credit of the $52. I paid!! The boots sold for $41.


Oct 25, 2012
Why didn't I look at this website before ordering???
by: Anonymous

Seriously beyond frustrated right now. I ordered a set of bracers for my son and their sizing guide was extremely misleading, and as a result we ordered the large size. They arrived in a timely manner but they were absolutely enormous! I still had almost 2 weeks until the bracers were actually needed, so I emailed the company to see about how to do a quick exchange (returns have a 15% restocking fee, but exchanges don't). I wanted them to send the new size the same time that I sent the original back and avoid the restocking fee. After 2 days of no reply I went ahead and just ordered the second set.
It has now been 8 days since the second order and I contacted them their their "customer service" chat to see about my order because it should have been arriving by now. The item is out of stock and they don't know when they will get it or ship it. WHAT??? How long were they going to let it slide before letting me know that the item was out of stock? How long were they going to hold onto my money? Because of course they charged my credit card the moment I placed the order.
I am so mad right now.
Whatever it is you want to buy from them - DON'T! Find it anywhere else or make due without it.

Sep 28, 2012
Money Scam
by: Anonymous

Their garbage. What they do is bill your account. All the while they make interest on the money charged, by delaying shipment, and making excuses why the item or items are not in stock, or why they haven't received them yet. Even when you get your refund, they already made money on interest earned.

Sep 20, 2012
Saved by curiosity
by: Jordan

I was just thinking about ordering an item from the website as a prop for some youtube stuff.
I was wondering if it was going to be metal or plastic because i don't want to accidently hurt/ kill any one while filming so i decided to search for a review on the website to see if any anwsers were online.
but now that i see this, well i'm thinking that i'm not going to order from there.

Sep 20, 2012
Saved by curiosity
by: Jordan

I was just thinking about ordering an item from the website as a prop for some youtube stuff.
I was wondering if it was going to be metal or plastic because i don't want to accidently hurt/ kill any one while filming so i decided to search for a review on the website to see if any anwsers were online.
but now that i see this, well i'm thinking that i'm not going to order from there.

Sep 05, 2012
Agree! Medieval Collectables sucks!
by: Harry Marinakis

Dark Knight Armory is the sister company

Avoid both

Aug 08, 2012
Find it elsewhere....
by: Anonymous

I ordered from almost 3 weeks out from when I needed the item in question. If there IS anything on their website about added time needed - it has to be buried where the average shopper wont see it. Anyway basically it seems that they are running their storefront but do not carry the stock to back up their store. So if you order something from them and expect that you will get it in 5-7 business days - forget it - It has been 7 days now since I ordered and they are HOPING that they will get the items I ordered from their supplier and reship them out to me in another 5 days - but you know who is to say - I needed the items - I ordered 17 days prior to needing them - I could have went elsewhere and paid about $10 more for what I was looking at - but at least I would have gotten it. STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THESE GUYS - the money you are "saving" is not worth the hassle of the delays ruining what you need them for - or the possibilities of not getting the item at all.

Jul 09, 2012
Annoyed with these people
by: Anonymous

Ordered a tunic and bracers at the beginning of May. Their site said the tunic would take 3 to 5 weeks to ship being a custom order. Did get a confirmation email stating that the tunic needed to be ordered and would take 4 to 6 weeks.

6 weeks come and go and I email them asking about my order. I get a response that it takes 2 to 4 months for such orders to come in. Which is just crazy. I had hand made shirts from Russia arrive faster than that.

I am now waiting to hear back about if and when I will ever get my tunic. If I get an answer of "We don't know" or another apparently random estimate, I'm going to try and get a refund. If that refund is not done quickly, I will get the Business Bureau involved since that sounds like one of the only ways to get this company to function like they should.

Jun 15, 2012
Shop someplace else
by: Rob

I placed an order here for several items. Two weeks later, still nothing. I called to get a status, they said one item was on back order, and that they will only ship once everything is in stock, unless the customer requests split shipping... but since they could not be bothered to tell me I was never given a choice. Come to find out the item they were waiting on was discontinued and would never be in stock. (had I not called who knows how long I would have waited) I asked them to just cancel the entire order... mysteriously the remainder of the order shipped that day. So now if i want to return it there is a 15% restock fee. To top it off every item I got had been previously opened some of it even had the stickers peeled off with the residue remaining. The customer service reps were no help at all. I won't go back. Oh and a week later… the item that was discontinued is still up for sale on the web page.

Apr 03, 2012
Me, Too!!
by: Anonymous

I ordered something like on March 22nd and it's April 3rd and still nothing. From now on I will not order from them.....

Mar 16, 2012
Terrible service!
by: Anonymous

I would NEVER get anything from Medieval Collectables again! It took them 3 months to send my order.

Feb 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

I am on there web sit now looking at a Bow I cant find any where else. And if you people will scroll over to the bar that says availability it will tell you when you can expect an item. I'm looking at the Lothlorien Longbow and it says its not available for 3-4 months. So I'm not sure what the issue is. And I also called them about the bow. As far as customer service in thus far happy. They answered all my questions. To the one that had the youth bow. I have 2 questions first are you an archer meaning do you know how to string a bow properly. Now to the one with the youth bow a youth bow can only handle so much pressure. And did you by accident try to string it backwards that will snap it fast. And another thing That does happen I bought a bow from a local dealer when I went to string it the riser snapped right in half then I returned it and got the same ex ate one the new one did the same thing so I took that one back that bow was 150$ so he gave me a 200$ bow with a 20$ discount so all to gather I padded 180$. But that's not the point. The point is that a bran new bow right out of the box can break. What I would do if i were you. Go to a local dealer so he can help you make the right choice there is more to a bow than just putting an arrow on the string and shooting. You need to know draw length, bow wight, and your spin of the arrow. You must take all of this into consideration before you can buy a bow hope this don't a fend you just giving you friendly advice on bow shooting

Feb 13, 2012
Terrible company!
by: Michelle

Serious issues. They bill without product, and didn't let us know it would be over a month!! We will forge our own arrowheads before dealing with them again.

Jan 22, 2012
Echoing previous comments
by: Another "happy" customer

They charge you for items that are not in-stock even though their website says so, also they have items listed that are discontinued by the manufacture but will still bill you right away. I had to file a dispute with my payment provider to get a refund from them.

Dec 20, 2011
More of the same....
by: Anonymous

As the others have said, half of my order was out of stock, I chose to cancel the whole thing.

I was told I'd have a refund in 3-5 business days, on day 6, I called again, that's been bumped up to 7-10 business days.

Apparently, their billing department is swamped, likely issuing refunds for items they advertise but do not stock.

Telling everyone I know about this place.

Nov 02, 2011
Still waiting for refund on canceled order Follow Up
by: Anonymous

Just wanted to note that after sending an email to please escalate to a manager, I did receive a refund a week after they charged me for the canceled order.

Nov 01, 2011
Shameful Saga
by: Brian

I placed an order with MC at the end of August '11, I called a week later to find out when I would expect it, not only was the item "out of stock" but entirely discontinued (the sword is still "available" on the site). I was generous enough to swap my order over to a diffrent item and was told it was out of stock and I would recieve it in the beginning of November.

I called on October 20th to check on my order to find out that I would now expect my sword in December; I cancelled my order and I have now been waiting almost 2 weeks since for my refund.

Oct 25, 2011
Still waiting for refund on canceled order
by: Anonymous

I wish I found this site before placing an order. I paid for 2 day air shipping on the 17th, emailed on the 18th in the morning to make sure it would arrive by the 22nd - no response. Called them on the 18th later when they told me it was not in their warehouse and it would take up to 5 days for THEM to get it so I canceled the order. The next day, my debit card was charged! I've emailed them every day since, tomorrow it will be a week since they were paid for my canceled order. I'm glad some of you had positive experiences but I won't be visiting their site again and risking it.

Oct 11, 2011
Assassin's Creed Altair Outfit
by: kcchief_fan

This company is absolutely the worst I have ever dealt with. I bought a $1,300 outfit from them included their "swords" as their site said everything was in stock, this was 24 Aug 2011. They charged me immediately then I had to call a week later to find out the status of my order as they hadn't contacted me yet (I paid for express 1 day delivery). I find out that half the order is on back-order so they weren't going to ship until everything was in. I asked to ship the stuff that was in. Then they had the gall to say I was lucky they weren't going to charge me extra for splitting the order up!! I then responded by saying I wanted standard delivery, of which they did, but haven't credited me back the difference. It is now 47 days later and I finally get an email (from UPS not Medieval) that some more of my order is being shipped. I call to find out they still have some stuff on back-order, all this time they still have all my money. I'm working through PayPal and then the State Attorney General along with BBB to resolve. My recommendation stay away from them FAR FAR away from them.

Sep 21, 2011
Waste of Time
by: Robert

To Continue from above...

Making matters worse, after I posted on Facebook, they suddenly sent me the one item they had in stock without so much of a peep of contact! Further, I asked for a refund for the remaining item and it took them four business days JUST TO PROCESS IT in their "system".

For the record, after the fiasco, I ordered the same item at Costume Craze and the item was sent WITHOUT SHIPPING CHARGES and has arrived BEFORE MC EVEN SUBMITTED MY REFUND TO MY BANK!!!

Sep 21, 2011
Yes- huge lack of communication
by: Anonymous

But if you do call, find out when it will be shipped - tends to help. I called this morning. They have had my order since 9/16. I asked if everything was in stock and was told 1 item would be in within 4-5 business days. I asked it they would notify me if it wasn't because by then it would be to late and I would be canceling the order. Lo-and-behold - I just got the tracking email that my order has been shipped!! Just hours of contacting them!!!! I probably will not order from them any more as there are many more sites that do list the in-stock vs. out-of-stock.. and wait to charge your card until they are actually shipping it - which I thought was the law...

Sep 20, 2011
I did get a refund... eventually
by: M.Scott

I got my refund for my cancelled order from them ... 6 weeks later. Butonly after i filed a comlaint with the better business bureau, and sent them an email saying that my next phone call was going to the lcoal sheriffs office. If you look at their address as posted on their website (thanks to google maps) you see that the address they have listed appears to either be a vacant lot or else is some kind of health clinic. It's hard to tell, but that's about all that is actually the area.

Sep 18, 2011
Waste of time and money
by: Dax Juaquin Maness

I did the "waste of time and money" post here about Medieval Collectibles, and I just wanted to add that just as Robert, (the post above this one) I also posted what I said here on their Facebook, and they too removed it and blocked me. They refund some money for people's purchase if they post good comments on their Facebook, but they delete all of the REAL comments.

Sep 16, 2011
Poor Service!!!!
by: Robert

I would be wary ordering things from this company....We ordered two things over 3 weeks ago and the order is being held up for 1 item. When I asked if they could send them separately, I was told "Not for the $18 shipping charge you paid." I then asked what type of shipping did we select and I was told UPS Ground. I mentioned I needed the items by the end of the month and that we ordered them over 3 weeks ago, and then asked if they could expedite the shipment and ship it in a different manner other than ground once the other item came in and I was told once again, "Not for the $18 shipping charge" These people are inflexible and obviously don't understand the importance of keeping the customer happy...again...i would be very wary before ordering from this company and I am currently researching other places to order from s othat I can cancel my existing order.

Oh and by the way...when I posted this on their Facebook page, it was promptly removed and I was blocked from being able to comment on it!!!!

Aug 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

It seems their websites have been removed..I wonder why

Jun 24, 2011
Darkknight Armoury sux
by: M Scott

I ordered a bow from this Medieval Collectibles clone on 6/16/2011 and waited until 06/22 to hear from them. Never did. So I called them and was told by the rep that the bow was backordered but "should" be in stock in two weeks. "Should be?" I asked, "So in other words you don't really know for sure if you'll EVER get it." She admitted there was no real guarentee. SO I told her to cancel the order and credit my paypal account which they had billed a week ago. She said that it woudl take a week to refund the payment. They collect your money immediately, selling stuff they know don't have, and then claim it takes a week to refund the money? I'm wondering if I'll ever see it now.

May 16, 2011
by: Melanie

Gosh I wish I read these reviews before. I ordered something ten days ago. Called today because I got my paypal confirmation but no shipping information. It's backordered and they might get it in in 1-2 days. I told them to overnight it at their cost. That I NEED it Thursday. Nope. Not unless I pay. And they won't refund for 1-2 business days. Avoid them like the plague!

Apr 27, 2011
by: Kevin Palm

EXCELLENT service on my wife's flask! I ordered it on Monday, it arrived on my doorstep today! That's lightning fast!

Mar 26, 2011
Bad Company
by: Josef Roesler

DC1010-Wht-M Grace O'Malley Woman Pirate Shirt ChosenSize: Medium $33.00

That's what I ordered for my GF. When it arrived it had a tag in it that said S-M. She wears a M and this shirt's sleeves go about 6" past her fingertips. The cuffs cannot be adjusted tighter around the wrist, her hands pass right through the cuffs. Imagine if she had been a small and they sent her this S-M shirt, the sleeves would hang down a foot past her hands.

So they haven't answered my email I posted through their contact page. Maybe the form doesn't work? It doesn't verify that anything was sent. So I sent them an email using their address.

Not like it's going to matter. They gouge you with a 15% restocking fee if you return something even if it is their fault. And then if you choose to take an exchange, they still gouge you on the shipping. So you have to pay shipping THREE times to maybe get an item that fits.

It's a shame they suck this bad because I wanted to order a matching sword and knife set from them. It's really hard to imagine a company intentionally screws themselves out of business like this. I'm going to give today's (Saturday) email attempt til Monday, then I will file a BBB complaint as well. They need another one to make 20.

Mar 17, 2011
Waste of time and money
by: Anonymous

I bought the Rogue Greaves from Medieval Collectibles, with the intention to wear them without anything under them since the description mentions that they are backed with suede so that they will be comfortable. Well, I got them and they were basically impossible to wear alone, which defeated the purpose for me, and the existence of the suede. About a MONTH later (due to poor communication and lack of answering my questions on THEIR part after sending countless e-mails) I found out that I could not use them the way that I wanted to as I should have been able to based on the description.

When I finally sent the greaves back, I waited more than a month for my refund, but never got it, I had to contact them again before they finally refunded me, and I also had to contact them a total of two or three times before I finally got a refund for positive feedback from a purchase that I made in OCTOBER. It took over 4 months and multiple reminders just to get that.

On top of all of that, I still had to pay the huge restocking fee for the greaves, and the high shipping costs for them to get to me and go back to them. Medieval Collectables wasted a huge amount of my time, energy, and money for absolutely nothing.

Dec 03, 2010
Final outcome
by: John Bendiksen

In the interest of fairness, I am making this final report on my experiences with Medieval Collectibles.
Thanks to the intervention of the Better Business Bureau, I was able to return the 'breastplate' for a full refund. MC also paid for the return shipping, which was a nice touch that they were not obligated to do.
It's a shame that it took the BBB to get them to respond to me, but at least I'm no longer out the money.

Oct 27, 2010
No customer service whatsoever
by: John Bendiksen

I've given up hope of getting any customer service from Medieval Collectibles. I will instead be adding my complaint to their growing collection on file with the Better Business Bureau (18 at last count; they are rated 'C' and presumably dropping fast). I am recapping my experiences with them here in hopes of sparing others the frustration of dealing with this horrible excuse for an online retailer.

08/30/2010 : I place my order for a leather breastplate and some other items. My credit card is charged immediately.
09/22/2010 : I have received my order, and the leather breastplate has problems and is unwearable. I email them, describing the problems with my order and requesting assistance.
09/25/2010 : No reply, so I resend the email.
09/30/2010 : (date approximate) I use the 'Contact Us' feature of their web site to remind them of my previous contact attempts, and request a reply.
10/05/2010 : Still no answer; I send the email yet again, with a preface that specifically directs it to Licia's attention.
10/11/2010 : I receive an email from a nice person named Jennifer, apologizing for the slow response and promising to bring my email to management's attention.
10/18/2010 : I am 'CCd' on email from Jennifer forwarding one of the many copies of my email to her manager Licia.
10/27/2010 : Another 9 days has gone by without a reply, and I've given up.

So I'm out $115 on a blemished and unwearable piece of 'armor'. Before you consider buying anything from them, consider this:
- As others in these forums have pointed out, the will charge your credit card immediately, long before they actually ship you anything. This itself is a sign of a sleazy business.
- When the inevitable problems arise with your order, they will absolutely disappear from sight, refusing to respond to emails and messages left on their own web site. However, they will continue to spam you with promotional emails... proving that there is nothing actually wrong with their email.

Oct 20, 2010
by: Mike

Ordered a few items from them a month ago (nothing out of the ordinary that would justify any kind of major delay). 3 weeks later I hadn't heard a peep out of them so I sent them an email which they kindly ignored, I tried to use their online chat to which I never received a response, and finally a phone call which after about 40 minutes I was able to find out two items were out of stock but were coming in the next day and would ship out that same day along with me getting a confrimation email.

Next day, nothing. Day after I tried to get ahold of them again only to find their phone busy for the hour I tried, sent an email (don't expect a response), and although I knew it was pointless, tried their online chat (shockingly no answer on it), these were of course all within their normal hours of operation.

If it's isn't a scam they have piss poor customer service at the very least (I had to be put on hold 3 times for them to check the status of my order).

Oct 07, 2010
Good Service
by: J. Paradis

I didn't buy a sword, but I did buy some armor. Ordered it on a Sunday evening, followed it up with a Monday call to verify inventory, and received my order on Thursday. Great service and the piece is nice quality. I will buy from them again.

Oct 01, 2010
Quick Response Oct 1 2010
by: Cassie

Ordered a couple of items yesterday from them. One of them wasn't in stock, and they called AND emailed me today to let me know. They gave me an estimated time for the item to arrive from the vendor, plus another color of the same item that IS in stock, in case I wanted to exchange it. I called them back and asked to cancel that half of my order, since I needed that color and size and couldn't wait for it to arrive from the Vendor.

The service rep (Kayla, I think...) was very pleasant and helpful, and told me that the out of stock item would be cancelled, and that the other item would be shipped immediately (I'm guessing that it will actually ship tomorrow or Monday, which is fine with me). She also explained when and where to expect to see my refund (3-5 business days in my paypal account, which makes sense since I know from past experience that refunds can take a while in Paypal).

While I *do* wish that the website was connected to their inventory, I could easily have called first to make sure the items were in stock (most websites that ARE connected to an inventory will still warn you to call first if you need the item right away), and thus far I've got no problems with their customer service.

Oct 01, 2010
For John Bendiksen
by: Anonymous

Hi John,
We have been upgrading our software this week, I am not sure if this is why, but we have not recieved any emails from you. There are many reasons why an email may not go through, and a lot of those reasons don't have anything to do with us. We send emails to customers and sometimes they do not receive emails from us, that is just how technology works, or doesn't work! We do have a toll free phone number that can be called Monday through Friday 9 to 5 CST and you can leave us a message if it is after hours. I will have one of our reps call you today to help you with your problem.

Medieval Collectibles

Sep 30, 2010
Non-existant customer service
by: John Bendiksen

I ordered and received a 'made-to-order' leather breastplate from them last month. It arrived in poor shape, and flaws in its design made it unwearable (couldn't tell when I ordered it... they don't show it actually being worn by someone).

I've emailed them three times in the last few weeks without a single reply or acknowledgement.

I would stay far, far away from these bozos...

Sep 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

I bought belt recently from these people,if they are going to stick it to me,i will file a complaint with the state attorney generals office in the state they are located in, also with the BBB,some of you should try this pproach,it worked for me with other sellers on the web including ebay.

Sep 24, 2010
The Celts and Vikings Store
by: Anonymous

I am the owner of the Celts and Vikings Store. I always answer my customers and if the item is out of stock, I work with you too find something acceptable to replace that item.

Try me out!!!

Sep 11, 2010
Be Wary
by: Christina

I've had the same issue as most everyone else with this company. I placed an order on August 17th, 2010, for a convention that was taking place the first weekend in September. I know that may have been slightly last minute, but since I paid for second day air shipping (an extra THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS, mind you) and the website said nothing about the items I ordered being out of stock, I assumed I would still have them in plenty of time. A day or so after I placed my $275 order, I received an email stating that one of my two items had to be ordered from the manufacturer, and would take 2-3 weeks to get before they could ship it. My other item, it said, also had to be ordered, but would be there within 5-7 business days.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited, hoping that if nothing else I could get my boots in time (the second item) and then just use the rest of the outfit for the convention next year. I waited... and waited... and eventually when the website still said it had not been shipped the day before I left for the convention, I sent them an email to cancel my order.

The lady who responded was sweet enough, though that could be easily faked over a typed letter. She seemed shocked that I should want to cancel my order after waiting so long, considering they "sent me an email advising me of the delay, and also attempted to call me." That's bull crap, because I didn't get any calls. But I let it slide, because (to quote the email exactly): "I have cancelled your order and we will be refunding your paypal account $277.41." This was on September 2nd. I have yet to see any refund, and now I am even more suspicious since the Medieval Collections website will not load. At all. I sure wish I had found this website before I placed my order!

Aug 29, 2010
Not So Bad....
by: Tara

My fiancee and I ordered some items for the Renaissance Faire. My darling betrothed is the last minute type, so basically one week before the date we set for the Faire (and I was NOT going to push it back, period. He could go in one of my chemises and a bodice if he wanted a costume THAT badly) He found this website and ordered boots, red pirate pants, and 2 belts - the peasant belt for him and the Celtic imprint belt for me. We put it on a 2 day rush ship - with slight trepidation on if it would reach us in time, as we ordered on a Saturday. Everything Shipped on a Monday and reached us by Wednesday. The pants were perfect and comfy, and even though I TOLD him to, he didn't wash them before wear - and the red didn't even bleed as he wore the pants. The boots were pretty amazing for the price - he did need some insoles to make them comfortable, but the quality was great - no weird stitching, no glue marks everywhere and they were a pretty tough synthetic leather. The belts were made of real leather, but very stiff. I did kind of wish the Celtic knot design was imprinted more deeply on my belt, but it's durable and won't wear away. We had a really good expirence with ordering clothing items from the site. Good, quality stuff for an excellent price.

Jun 24, 2010
by: Anonymous


Jun 24, 2010
Be Very Careful!
by: Anonymous

This company does NOT stand behind their products and their customer service is horrible. Do not buy from them... buyer beware!!

Still waiting for merchandise three monthes later and no refunds.

Jun 15, 2010
Great FaceBook Reviews!
by: Anonymous

May 26, 2010
theyre awesome
by: Anonymous

ordered five items, had them within a week.

May 05, 2010
Medieval Collectibles Rox my Sox!
by: Anonymous

I have placed many orders with Medieval Collectibles and I am extremely satisfied with the outstanding customer service!!!! The ladies were very nice and polite and often go out of their way and above to excute excellent customer service. I would highly recommend and to any collector.

Apr 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

i ordered from medieval collectibles and it was a great experiance. i called and spoke with turin and she checked the availability for me. i called back the next day and spoke with jennifer who happily took my order. both reps were exceptionally nice and i recieved my item in the 3 days the ladies said i would. they have obviously stepped up their customer service and everyone should give them a chance! i had a great experiance overall.

Apr 10, 2010
Backorder but charged up front
by: Malcolm Brown

My sword from Valiant Armoury was placed on back order but not advertised that way. Naturally they charged me immediately and didn't ship the other two items until they acquired the sword. I won't do business with them again.

Apr 03, 2010
by: John

I did get an e-mail response that basically looked like a receipt for a refund. No money has been deposited in my account yet and my e-mail address/log-in doesn't exist at thier site anymore. I'm assuming I will get something in the mail but I'm not holding my breath. I did reply to the e-mail asking how exactly I am to receive my refund.

Mar 13, 2010
Completely blown off.
by: John

I've ordered two leather gorgets from them over the past year and a half. Neither one came close to fitting me. Even after giving them my neck size, each item was too small. The first one I kept, thinking that I could modify it to work. The 2nd one I sent back asking for store credit. I cant get a response from these guys. This is a racket with Dark Knight Armory. They send you whatever junk they want and just keep your money. There are plenty of good vendors out there. There is no reason to put up with this. I have to say I have had good luck with By-The-Sword. But not Dark Knight Armory. I wont be going back to them and will be spreading the word to all my faire-geek friends and on thier forums.

Jan 26, 2010
The saga continutes
by: DavidG

Well I thought my troubles with this company were over (see my previous post) After cancelling an order placed Apr 13 in October and then having to go through my credit card company to actually get my money back they have now rebilled by credit card on Dec 30!!!! these guys are either grossly incompetent or simply crooks.

Dec 18, 2009
by: Sam

After cancelling my items that I had ordered, I received an email asking why I had done so.
I explained that I normally don't deal with stores that advertise items they dont actually have in stock.
The lady said the items would be at their store the next day and would be shipped then.
She also refunded the shipping cost, which was nice.
The items arrived today in good shape, and I'm very pleased with the way they reached out to me to make things right.

I am still leary of dealing with MC again because of the inventory issue, but other than that I have to say they must have improved their service and would buy from them again if they would simply list their inventory accordingly to "in stock / out of stock", so we know what we are dealing with.

Dec 15, 2009
Stay Away!
by: Anonymous

We ordered a youth longbow for our son's bday. The second day he used it, it snapped in half. We notified medieval collectibles and were told that "this sometimes happens" even tho the bows are tested before shipping. They promised to replace it.
After they rec'd the broken bow, they accused us of intentionally gouging the bow, which is why it broke. And they also accused us of incorrectly stringing the bow. As a matter of fact, there were no directions on how to string it so we called and were told to get a bow stringer, which we did. They refused to send another bow or refund our money. We filed a complaint with the better business bureau but MC's response was that we had given several stories and admitted stringing the bow incorrectly, which was a blatant lie. We also filed a complaint w/the Indiana Attorney General's office. Ultimately, we got a refund probably because the AG was involved.

Dec 10, 2009
Not all too bad
by: Anonymous

I just found this site, and saw some negative comments, I thought I would post my own experience w/ this company. I ordered a dragon statue and a sword - a valiant armoury sword *love it*, but any how, I had a good transaction with these people. I called a few times before ordering, I actually called around to other companies too because I wanted to feel out everyone and see who actually answers there phone and who doesn;t, But medieval collectibles always answered and was very helpful and did know about the swords they sell.

My order arrived earlier this week on monday (12/7), my dragon statue was broken i guess in shipping. I was sure i was going to have to fight with them about this, but it was really easy to my suprize, they filed a ups thing for me and shipped a new one out on monday. I will buy from them again.

Dec 09, 2009
by: Sam

I ordered a Tudor Close helmet from them, since it was about 130 bucks cheaper from them than anywhere else.
I get an order confirmation, my card is charged.

I call them a few days later, wondering if it's been shipped yet since I never got a shipment confirmation.
"No, the item was not in stock, it will take about 5 days to get it".
I asked if it would be here before christmas, since it was a gift, and she told me that she wasnt sure because it had to be backordered.

After this I decided to research their store a little and came across this site. Wish I had seen it sooner.
I called the next day to cancel, they never even asked why I wanted to cancel, it was just done in a minute.
This shows me they really couldnt give a crap less about their customers.

It's a shame, their catalogue looks great, too bad its all a bit of a scam.

Dec 04, 2009
Poor Service - seconded!
by: Anonymous

Bought an item over a month ago, and it's still not even ordered, let alone shipped. If you're going to buy from them, make sure to do it through PayPal, and take note of the 45 day limit to file a complaint.

Nov 13, 2009
Another Complaint
by: Anonymous

I placed an order and also requested 3 day delivery. After 3 days I called the so-called customer service. They said the item was not in stock. I told them that when an item is not in stock, the other companies I deal with always notify me. I also told them that they put me in a bind since I needed the item tomorrow. They said that they tell customers if they need it by a certain day to call and make sure it is in stock.

So let's recap:

1. If you want it by a certain date, the customer has to call to make sure it is in stock.

2. If you do not receive it by the designated time, the CUSTOMER has to call to see what is going on.

3. If the CUSTOMER really thinks that this place operates like most businesses and will not charge your card until the item is shipped, you are wrong.

4. If the item is backordered, the CUSTOMER has to call to find this out.

BOTTOM LINE - they call this CUSTOMER SERVICE because ALL of the services are done by the customer.

Randall K Faulkner
US Army

Nov 13, 2009
Another Complaint
by: Anonymous

I placed an order and also requested 3 day delivery. After 3 days I called the so-called customer service. They said the item was not in stock. I told them that when an item is not in stock, the other companies I deal with always notify me. I also told them that they put me in a bind since I needed the item tomorrow. They said that they tell customers if they need it by a certain day to call and make sure it is in stock.

So let's recap:

1. If you want it by a certain date, the customer has to call to make sure it is in stock.

2. If you do not receive it by the designated time, the CUSTOMER has to call to see what is going on.

3. If the CUSTOMER really thinks that this place operates like most businesses and will not charge your card until the item is shipped, you are wrong.

4. If the item is backordered, the CUSTOMER has to call to find this out.

BOTTOM LINE - they call this CUSTOMER SERVICE because ALL of the services are done by the customer.

Randall K Faulkner
US Army

Nov 12, 2009
Buyer beware!!!
by: DavidG

These guys suck big time!!! I ordered a bow and some arrows on April 13, 2009. To make a long story short by Oct 5 after several e-mails exchanges I called my credit card company and cancelled the order. During all the e-mails they could never give me any indication of when I could get the order. It was always "so sorry we have your order but do not know when the arrow/bow will be in". the worst part is that I live in Canada and due to the large change in the exchange rate I LOST $75 in the deal.

Oct 21, 2009
They are Cheats
by: Anonymous

I ordered a sword from Medieval and get the email confirmation and my credit card is charged. About a week later I receive an email that the item is not in stock and that it would take seven days to ship. Seven days come and go and the item hadn't been shipped. I email them and they send my the same response about the item not being in stock. They promise the item will ship the following week but it doesn't. I've sent them several emails and now they don't respond to any of them. It has been three weeks now. It is becoming clear that I've been taken for $300.00. This website is not to be trusted.

Sep 21, 2009
Unacceptable Customer Service
by: Ian (FL)

I placed on order on medievalcollectibles, 1 week later I receive no information regarding my order other than the initial receipt. I write an email to their service department and get no response after several days.

At this point I call the service phone number, speak to someone who explains that half of my order is being manufactured and they are expected by week's end. Needless to say it's been well over a week from that phone conversation and nothing.

They also charged my credit card 1 day after placing the order, so they want their money and I have no merchandise or any indication that they intend to ship any of it.

Like others have also mentioned, dark knight armory and medieval collectibles are identical websites, with identical merchandise, and their shipping maps indicate shipment from the same location in the midwest.... I wish I had discovered all these oddities prior to placing my order... live and learn

Sep 02, 2009
4 months and still waiting
by: Anonymous

I ordered 3 items in May 09 it is now September and my items have not been shipped. They never made any effort to update me or inform me that one of the items was on back order until I contacted them. They refuse to ship the other two items until the 3rd is in their inventory because of shipping costs. Anytime I try to call I get voicemail and they never call back, they will only reply via e-mail and only when it suits them.

Aug 14, 2009
Medieval Collectibles and Dark Knight Armoury
by: Anonymous

If it's Medieval Collectibles and you are going to keep your distance from, you may want to add to your list Dark Knight Armoury. You will find when you compare both Medieval Collectibles site and Dark Knight Armoury's site, they are in fact ONE AND THE SAME!

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