Oniyuri bo-hi

by Brian
(Austin, Tx)

QUESTION: I'm thinking about buying a Cheness Oniyuri, but am wondering if I should buy it with or without the bo-hi. I hear that the bo-hi would stiffen the blade and would like to know if it would be a bad thing to have a sword that lacks flexibility. I was wondering whether or not you prefer blades to have fullers, and what benefits or problems could show up down the road when dealing with or without them?

ANSWER: Hi Brian,

Actually, I kind of prefer the bo-hi version. Even though the cutting and tests in my review of the Oniyuri were mostly with the solid bodied version, the bo-hi handles better, makes a better sound and seems to cut almost as well.

Flexibility is not significantly reduced, and if I could have only one type - I'd probably select the bo-hi version. The only real advantage of the solid bodied version is that it has more authority in the cut because of its forward balance and extra weight. But the bo-hi is a better 'all rounder' if you know what I mean.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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by: Brian

I do like the way the bo-hi looks, and it does add alot of benefits, but now I'm wondering if a ninja sword that makes a loud whooshing sound is very ninja like. I'll think about it, and buy one or the other. Thanks for your opinion.

Lol. True enough...
by: Paul Southren

You may have a point there. But if you think about it, the sword was designed for use:

A) In a sudden confrontation, where the quick draw is needed - so its obvious that an attack has taken place.

B) A Ninja killing someone with a sword is going to make some noise anyway...

C) If he is a master Ninja, he will only use his sword on his intended target - and after that make a quick getaway. So the Tachi Kaze noise isn't such a biggie...


- Paul

What is bo-hi and single body
by: Will

Hey Paul, I was wondering what exactly is bo-hi and single body? and do you have some pictures for the oniyuri version?

by: Miguel


Have you tried the same test done with the Bo-Hi version? I am also in the process of ordering one for myself but torn between the Bo-hi or non Bo-hi version.

I just want to know if you have tried putting both swords to the same test.

Thank you!

by: Miguel


I am wondering if you have tested both bo-hi or no bo-hi Oniyuri katanas.

Did both katanas face the same set of tests and destructive tests?

Just curious
by: Anonymous

Paul, does the bo-hi version have exactly the same flexibility as the solid bodied version?

Just curious
by: Anonymous

Paul, does the BO-HI version have exactly the same flexibility as the solid bodied version? please reply.

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