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QUESTION: I love your review of the Cheness blade for the Bujikan. I am seriously considering buying based on the reviews and research I've done. But before I do I was curious if you know of any of companies that produce a similar product. As a student of the Bujinkan I want to pick up a blade that is a "real" ninja sword. I'm just looking for one or two other companies that carry such a blade. Thanks for any help! Keep up the great work!

-Patrick Wesseler

ANSWER: Hi Patrick,

The only other one to consider is the Kage Katana by Oni Forge.

Unfortunatley though, I cannot recommend Oni at this point in time as for the last few months there have been many complaints against them for extremely slow shipping times and an inability to contact them - especially after an order has been placed... :-(

Personally though, I prefer the Cheness sword anyway. The 9260 Spring Steel blade is amazingly tough and this sword is one of my favorites to use. Great value and highly recommended.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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