gets an F-

by Jeremy

I ordered the Bushido Musashi Last Samurai Sword from and never received it or heard back from the company even though I left numerous messages with them. After nearly a month with no sword and no response they finally refunded my money. But not once did they offer an explanation or even apologize for my lost order.

They have absolutely the worst customer service I have ever seen and the fact that they never even attempted to contact me is simply UNBELIEVABLE!!! Now I have wasted a month of my time. The only positive thing that came from this infuriating experience is that I now know who NOT to deal with EVER.

Take my advice and stay as far away from this horribly run company as possible. There are lots of other sword sellers out there and I am pretty sure that none of them will be able to match the ridiculously horrible service that I received from Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time with this company the way I did.

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Jun 22, 2011
custom cars
by: lyle

i purchased a civil war gun on may 22 2011 and finally got it on 06/15/2011 and when i ordered the gun it was to have been made in georgia but when i got the gun it was made in Spain go figure i did not no that Spain was in the civil war be very careful of these people

Feb 23, 2011
Not customer oriented
by: Anonymous

They charge your credit card and never respond to you ,like some kind of fraud is being committed. All people who have been wronged need to file charges with the local sheriff dept. it is illegal for them to charge your credit card and not ship your merchandise.

Jun 23, 2009
by: John Cooper

Perfect customer service is something every company should strive for, but mistakes happen. How mistakes are resolved is what makes the difference.

As owner of Real Armor of God, I can confirm we are doing our best to take care of customers quickly and fairly. If you have an issue, please let us know by voice mail or through our contact us page. (Ask for me if you need to, and be sure to leave a valid phone number or accurate email address otherwise we can't get back to you.)

Most of the issues stated above seem to be about other companies, and the religious comment does not indicate any contact with Real Armor of God staff. If someone leaves 12 voice mails over a weekend, we will summarize our reply into one call or email. If you do not get a reply within a reasonable time (1-2 days), please email us.

We do our best to keep you informed of any shipment delays, and we are willing to make changes in selections if you need something quickly. Please note that when ordering, if our inventory levels are short, we rush order a replacement piece. However, if a manufacturer gives us a delayed ETA on new inventory, that is all the information we have we pass forward. If you choose to wait for the manufacturer to make more, we will keep your order open. Just let us know how you want to proceed.

Thank you for your understanding and appreciate your patience in these matters. We look forward to serving you soon.

Feb 20, 2009
RealArmorofGod gets an A from me!
by: The Mom

I ordered a chain mail shirt and head piece for my {adult} son for Christmas and it arrived shortly after my order was placed, in excellent condition, and it is very good quality.

It was the hit of our Christmas celebration with family members and guests all vying for the opportunity to try it out.

In fact, I'm looking over their web page as we speak to look into ordering a sword and a cutlass for another son.

Dec 02, 2008
RealArmorofGod- Yeah right...
by: SlayerofDarkness

I think they just claim to be Christians to mislead people into trusting them...This site is truly a disgrace to the Christian faith. No God-honoring Christian would EVER be this flippint about their, and therefore God's, reputation. I want to let everyone know that this is NOT AT ALL WHAT CHRISTIANS ARE LIKE!!!!!!! They even have a link to Billy Graham's website for goodness' sake...if the claims on this page are true, as I believe they are, RAoG is a disgrace to humanity. I'm sorry, but service like that ISN'T service at all...

SlayerofDarkness (Brogdon Combs)

Nov 19, 2008
Engraved Comb Morion Helmet
by: Delaney

I wouldn't even give an F- they are far worse than that. I contacted them to see if they had the Engraved Comb Morion Helmet in stock and was told yes. so I ordered it on Nov 8, 2008. It's still showing processing and my CC has been charged. I have left over a dozen phone messages and emails and no responce. I got "Lisa" once and she put me on hold then came back and told me she needed to call the warehouse and she would call me right back. That was over a week ago. I have told them if they did not respond right away I would look into legal matters and today filled a claim dispute with my credit card/bank.

I was really hoping to get this item by Christmas for my boyfriend, but it looks like I got screwed. Funny thing is he told me about them. RAoG claims to be a Christian Company with Christain values... HUM must be old values of talking your money for nothing.

I'd avoid them like the plague and I plan on letting the Renaissance Faire Comunity know.

Nov 17, 2008
Eh, MY experience with Realarmorofgod was alright
by: Anonomous

Ordered the sword, got it a week later, a day earlier then expected, they shipped using DHL (The only bad thing, would have preferred UPS), sword came, packaging was OK i guess, sword was in perfect order, they lubricated it for protection, (Though I'm sure they aren't the ones who necessarily handle the stuff themselves) My only complaint is that the leather sheath had newspaper stickied onto the leather, and it was a pain to get off (and i had to do stuff to clean the leather) The sword is nice though. EVERY company will make mistakes at some point or another.

Sep 11, 2008
by: Anonymous

I disagree w/ you on that one, I ordered a chainmail shirt and I had it within the week. But, sworddirect . com, they're the ones who zapped me. I ordered a valiant armory dagese sword and even though they said 5-10 days, it was 3 weeks then I contacted them and they finally sent it.
but man, kingofswords sounds like they really suck. ty 4 the heads up

Aug 25, 2008 sucks
by: Anonymous

tell me about it is a frickin joke its been over a year4 and they still wont refund my money or email me back its ridiculous

Jul 29, 2008
by: Anonymous

thanx for the heads up, i had a simalar problem with kingofswords,they kept telling me their supply was stuck in customs....for 5 months. just waiting on the refund now

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