Re-tying the Tsuka Cord

by Patrick
(Stamford, CT)

QUESTION: Hey Paul.I've recently bought a "Sea Dragon Katana BR" from Topicool. After doing some tests, sword fanatic ~.~, the cap at the end of the sword flew out, and loosened the cords. I've done some research on how to fix it, but sadly, I couldn't find any way how to. Do you know of a way I could use to re-tie the cord on the tsuka, such as an online guide? Thanks in Advance!

ANSWER:Hi Patrick,

It certainly isn't the easiest thing to do in the world, however there are a few online guides out there to get you started. You'll find a few links at towards the bottom of the Review of the Practical Katana my M.K. Ridgeway on SBG. There is also another guide on how to customize EVERYTHING for the review of the Musashi Rosewood Shirasaya.

See how you go with those. :-)

(And good luck!).


- Paul

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