SBG Store Question

by Ed
(Los Angeles)

QUESTION: Hi Paul, I'm new to sword collecting and I haven't been able to stop visiting your site for the last week... It's just like a good book, tough to put down! I did order the Santa Special from Trueswords and shuld be receiving that this week. I was looking on your site at the 'Kochou' Cheness blade. It says it comes with a dragon themed box. I caouldn't find a picture of it ANYWHERE. On SBG or even Chenessinc. Do you have a pic handy you might be able to post? This one will be more for display which is why i'm concerned about the presentation. After your review of the Ryumon, I'm looking at those too... I love the way theRyumon katana's are packaged. Thanks!

ANSWER: Hi Ed, thanks for your feedback - glad you are enjoying it (never heard the site compared to a good book before - thanks!).

Anyway, with regards to the display box - it's nothing that fancy, but you can see some pics of what to expect in my review of the Cheness O-Katana here

Hope this helps and see you around the place!

- Paul

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