Shipping Katana to Canada

by Olivier
(Canada, Quebec)

QUESTION: I was wondering if a razor sharp Katana such as the Tenchi blade could be shipped to Canada or if there is a law that doesnt allow it. If anyone lives in Quebec and can help me to know how it works I would appreciate it a lot.

ANSWER: Hi Olivier,

I've shipped at least a hundred Cheness Katana to Canada and never had any problems. Generally speaking, there are no laws prohibiting importing Katana to Canada, though there may be laws against cane swords and other concealable blades, I am not sure.

Probably the most important thing is the METHOD of shipping there. Not only is USPS the most economical (I charge a flat rate of US$26 per sword, which is selectable in the checkout) - but it also tends to go smoother than UPS (and UPS can cost 3 times more!).

With UPS, you can guarantee to be charged GST and PST on each sword, and there is also often a brokerage fee of around US$50 on top! :-(

With USPS, there is no brokerage fee, and you may not even be charged GST/PST - depending on the vigilance of the individual postal worker.

So in short, 'tis not a problem (though you MUST be 18 to order).

Hope this helps!

- Paul

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by: Stan

hi i'm also from canada and would like to order a cheness katana online. my question is whether i need to find a customs broker to fill in customs duties and paying the fees or is it ok that i order directly online and it'll arrive straight to my door. i ask this because i believe canada customs will take away the katana in the process and i dont want to waste money without receiving my order


Store in Quebec
by: Anonymous

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This is actually what the laws are
by: Anonymous

Listen, there is no laws in canada on if you can carry a blade around, or even how bit it could be. Not import/export laws. Basicly, The only thing there worried about is conceled weapons. There is very little chance, if any, they would ever confiscate a sword at the border. However, If the import laws in the other country of which the item is coming from has certain regulations (License needed, et cetera) It could be stopped at the other side of the border, Generaly speaking, canada's laws about knives and swords are very loose.

Canada and Quebec
by: Katana Master

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Swords in Canada
by: Anonymous

I live in Canada and I'm a proud owner of a blunt katana I bought locally. I was also good enough to ask before making the purchase on the legalities of owning and or buying swords/katana's, from what I understand there is no law preventing you from buying a sword. So long as the weapon in question is not made of a certain steel and or weight. However there are some common sense laws in place, you can't carry a sword on you in public for obvious reasons and your weapon can't be some kind of exotic blade that could rouse suspicion or be concealed in some way. Stores that carry swords in Canada are legally not allowed to sell them razor sharp, so if you buy one it will be blunt. What you do to it on your own time is a grey zone, sharpening a sword only puts you the user at risk because its not a toy.

No Problem
by: Anonymous

I've been practicing authentic iaido for nearly ten years in Canada. I just had a true Japanese nihonto shipped in without any problems whatsoever.

You won't have any problems, and I caution, don't screw it up for the rest of us -- especially us legitimate sword practitioners.

Freedom is still alive in Canada
by: Nichiken yamabushi

even if you are under 18 years old it is OK. I import and sell japanese functional swords and no problem with lams, polcies, customs or others... Keep on practicing in a free country!

Shipping Kanata home from Japan
by: Kendojunky

Hey guys,
I'm planning on shipping a blunt practice katana that I've used here (sentimental reasons).
What methods of shipping are available from Japan? Is the previously mentioned USPS available?

If it's too expensive, is it possible for me to ship the sword with my checked luggage?

Either way, I plan on wrapping it up in a box, and marking it as "Kendo sporting equipment" along with the Bokuto (wooden practice sword).

Thanks in advance,

Import Blades
by: Anonymous

Hello, I'm thinking about getting into the collection of melee weapons and I was wondering if there would be any laws or such that would prevent me from getting import crafted Katanas, Jians or even spears. I live in the northern east of the United States if you need the info for a better answer. I would appreciate it if you could help me out. Thanks!

Canadian Laws
by: Xedrix

There are laws. To import any blade that is not classified as a blunt (mace), chain (kamguri/butterfly knife), concealed (knives/cane swords) or specialities (darts/shurigan/blowguns) is free for you to import.

Laws within Canada stipulate that the blades intent defines crime. If you intend to rob a bank for example, by having that intent you have committed a crime even if you don't do it.

If your a martial artist, and you are carrying it around, by entering a public place, should anything happen, even as simple as telling some punk to take a hike is technically illegal, as you do possess a weapon. (hold your argument for a sec)

If you carry a sword around you are subject to random inquisitions from the police, and they do hold the authority to remove the weapon from your custody if you give them a reason to fear for the publics safety.

Should you be attacked, and forced to use self defence, the fact you have a weapon automatically leaves you charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, EVEN if you don't use it.

Basically owning and using swords is not illegal. The intent of ones actions or inactions is illegal.

Should you be transporting a sword, its advised that the sword cannot be easy to draw (tie the tang to the gaurd), maintain a clear and visible 10 foot radius to the majority of persons around yourself, Say in the view of all security cameras, and DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE to visibly get on your nerves. this will reduce/prevent your liability should you be attacked.

Carrying Swords in Canada
by: Anonymous

Sorry, but the below poster is wrong in regards to being charged for simply carrying the weapon if you are assaulted and need to use it.

The intent of WHY you are carrying it around in the first place is what will determine if you can be charged. If you are transporting it to a friends house or from a store and you are attacked, you CAN use it, assault with a deadly weapon is based upon why you had the weapon. If you took a sword and went on a walk around for no reason and had to use it, then yes, you'd probably be screwed. But if you have a legal purpose as to why you had it on you, then it comes down to if the force used was excessive (was he just yelling at you and you chased him with the sword = bad) (he pulled a knife and threatened to hurt you and you pulled the sword = no problems).

If you are carrying it legally and have a good excuse as to why you had it with you, you may be charged, however if you had a good reason behind it the charges would most likely be dropped. Granted the weapon would probably be confiscated (may be able to get it back eventually).

That said there is no cut and dry cases, just be smart about it and don't overreact and you'll be fine.

ups extortion of canadians
by: Anonymous

I agree 100000% about ups, they are terrible to canadians, they extort us to get our mail from them, they can charge up to $100 over and above our canadian hst for nothing calling it a brokerage fee, ask them who is the broker, they will tell you ups, so why does usps consider brokerage handling but ups doesn't? exactly
never ever use ups to ship from the US to canada unless you want a very unhappy buyer

katana sword import
by: Anonymous

Regular mail such as usps, Canada post delivers sword right to your door as regular mail delivery.

katana sword import
by: Anonymous

Regular mail such as usps, Canada post delivers sword right to your door as regular mail delivery.

Replica blade sword (stainless steal)
by: Anonymous

I got a simalar question
I'm planing on ordering a replica stainless steal sword from the movie blade
I've looked up on customs and no help
The sword could be classed as a katana but it's a straight blade but simalar leagth
Also looked up stainless steal swords and found that since its stainless steal it gets weaker the longer the blade not idealilu the type u would use for swords it's more a display sword I've contacted the sellers and asked them if they have shipped any to Canada before and if there was any issues the one told me he shipped katanas to Canada no problem but katana is a different sword

I belive that I shouldn't have a issue becuz even customs would know stainless steal is not sword grade steal so it would only be a display not used for deuling or attacking anyone it wouldn't survive be a waste to use as a weapon so hopefully I have no issues

sword cane and umbrella
by: Anonymous
part 3 prohibited weapons article 10.
Canadian law stipulate
10 Any device having a length of less than 30 cm and resembling an innocuous object but designed to conceal a knife or blade, including the device commonly known as the "knife-comb", being a comb with the handle of the comb forming a handle for the knife, and any similar device.
Swords are legal because they look like swords. Sword canes/umbrella is legal if the blade is longer than 30cm. That being said any objects used to touch someone that is not consenting is a weapon. Then there is provincial law and municipal law.
Where I live there is the article 20 that stipulate that it is illegal to have an axe, sword, knife, slingshot, machete or any other similar object on the city property without having a reasonable explanation.
20. Il est interdit à toute personne de se trouver dans ou sur la voie publique ou lieu public ou dans un véhicule, en ayant sur soi ou avec soi, un couteau, une épée, une machette, un lance-pierre, un arc ou tout autre objet similaire, sans excuse raisonnable.
That being said, if you have a umbrella sword with a concealed blade of more than 30cm (not illegal in Canada) and you carry it you must be able to answer to the police. You only have the right to carry it if it is raining (reasonable excuse) or if it was supposed to rain since the main purpose is to be an umbrella and don't forget to say you are a sword collector. If the police ask for more information ask if you are detained or free to go and ask for a lawyer to be present. The police can charge you with the municipal violation, be polite and give your information and contest the infraction later. They will likely seize the sword. You will get it back since it is not illegal to own in Canada the onus is on them. Same goes for any bladed device.
From what the other said, read the self-defense law. If someone breaks in your house unarm and are stealing the TV, get your sword, tell them that you are armed and to leave. Don’t walk toward them. Call the police. Always inform intruders that you are armed, don’t follow them since you are armed and you will be initiating the confrontation. If they come toward you, stand your ground and use the sword. If they turn around don’t hit their back, since technically they are not a threat anymore. Let them leave. You are not allowed to protect your property, but your life yes. When the police will arrive be careful about what you say. If you did use the sword don’t say anything except that you want your lawyer. Always be polite.

by: Anonymous

I tried to send my brother who lives in Toronto a walking dead copy of the katana and another friend in Canada a sword from the hobbit. Both were returned to me with prohibited item printed on the packages. Any ideas how I can get them to Canada anyone??

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