Shortening an existing sword

I have a hand-and-a-half back sword made by Darksword Armory, the blade on which is 29". I'd like to shorten the blade to 26" and shorten the handle to a single-hand grip length. The pommel is peened. Can you provide any information on how best to do this, or if it's possible, or if there are reasons that this is a really bad idea?

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Mar 10, 2016
Kind of like starting from scratch..
by: Paul

It takes a fair amount of DIY skill and confidence to be able to do this properly.. You need to be careful when shortening the blade that you don't ruin the tempering with powertools. You will essentially need to make a new handle too.

Techniques on how to do it are covered to some degree on our site here and you can also get some additional tips, pointers and advice by joing our sword forum in the sword customization section here

Hope this helps and good luck with your project!

- Paul

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