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I found your site very useful & I start searching the web for retailer. Until now I buy from three sites, all in Europe.

1st:sword24 (I buy a Cold Steel Bokken & DVD for IADO) everything o.k.

2nd:oriental-weaponry (I buy a mini katana,a makiwara,5 DVDs & semi contact gloves) excellent site and manager.

3rd:masterofswords (I order a Type 12 Katana - "Tenchi" - 9260 Silicon Alloy Spring Steel Katana without Fuller) and here is the point.
I put my order & pay (Pay Pal) in 28.03.2008.
From that day I wait it. At first, they told me end of April. I send emails and they simply don’t answer. And when they answer they told me that (as soon as we know we will inform you) or (We have a delay in all orders we are working on processing these).

I wait 4 or even 7 days for an answer. They avoid to give a ‘target’ day or an estimation for my order. I think that it isn’t professional behavior. What confidence to this company I can have?

I don’t know what to do. Cancel my order (I’ll lose all or some of my money) or wait until when? (weeks months years nobody tell me).

Have anyone hear about that site?

Thanks any way .

I am from Greece and before some months I decide to buy my first functional katana.
(I study three years martial arts & one year Iado).

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