Thx for all your info !!!

by Joe Hudson
(Williamsport Pa USA)

Thanks for having a site with so much information! Before I bought my first sword I was lucky enough to run across this site, now let me state one thing, I do have 2 wall hangers they were presents from friends yes they are very pretty and look great displayed! It took me over 5 years to complete a collection I wanted to have, a Katana, Wakizashi, tanto all same foundry hardware and all matching and they are razor sharp and usable, they have cut every thing I have put in front of them with no damage, they are clay tempered and awesome ! Every thing on them is real !!! Thank you and much respect for such a great site and honesty !!!

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Jan 13, 2018
My pleasure
by: Paul

Really great to hear, always best that someone stumbles onto a site like SBG before buying a sword for the first time - just makes the whole thing easier and better to find it early and get a great collection started than find out the sword collection you thought you had weren't really swords at all, just Sword Like Objects..

Enjoy the journey!

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