- I never got my refund!

by Julius
(Adelaide Australia )

Ok so I started reading a set of books called the inheritance cycle. I am a sword collector and do enjoy a fantasy story. I got really engrossed in the book and decided to google it. I discovered there was a movie made on the first book and so I bought the movie and watched it. The movie was nothing like the book but I still mildly enjoyed it. I liked the look of the main character's sword "zar'roc" and did a little research on that aswell. Bottom line I ordered the zar'roc replica sword from a website called A few days later I recieved an email stating that the sword was out of stock and they reccomended they refund my money (just under $200) I agreed and asked for a refund. I never received a reply and I sent them numerous emails. I never heard from them again and I never received my $200 back. I strongly recommend you do not buy from these people.


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Dec 05, 2014
by: Anonymous

If your are promised a refund and don't receive it within 10 business days and no replies--why didn't you just file a chargeback with your bank? That's what chargebacks are for.

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